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 The Solar Charge Controller Fixer Charts and Data
Charts and Data
Showing the Low Solar Panel Voltage
You have seen it - should be 80 or 100+ volts on the solar side...
But it says 30V - STUCK for more than a 1/2 hour!
Get The Solar Charge Controller Fixer Today !

Look below, it's STUCK and shows some low voltage like 30V for more than 30 minutes! And it's about Half Power!, all that solar energy goes to waste till the controller decides to behave, sometimes hours later!

Fix it NOW ! You are losing power and energy every day you wait!

We are working on some pretty CHARTS (lets hope), but here's some actual real life DATA direct from MODBUS readings with the "Fixer" device DISABLED of course so you can see how it really is.

The Solar Charge Controller Fixer watches the Solar Panel voltage, and when it goes lower than a set point, it disconnects your Solar Panels for a very brief time, your charge controller thinks a big cloud went over and starts it's MPPT cycle again at a higher voltage!

The below controller has only 2 X 250W panels. Nice clear day.
Started from sun up. Look at the timestamp!
Wed Apr 13 07:04:06 2022 Panel 23.96V 0.72A 17.25W Batt 22.45V
Then it got better 2 hours later !!!
Wed Apr 13 09:01:20 2022 Panel 55.09V 4.80A 264.43W Batt 23.28V

This next controller has 4 X 320W panels
Wed Apr 13 07:00:01 2022 Panel 23.15V 1.26A 29.17W Batt 22.29V
Makes it all the way to about 10AM
Wed Apr 13 09:50:07 2022 Panel 38.57V 10.79A 416.17W Batt 23.81V
Then it goes up for maybe 30 mins and then back down again (see higher watts)
Wed Apr 13 10:39:47 2022 Panel 54.75V 12.96A 709.56W Batt 24.53V
And it's still low even at noon !
Wed Apr 13 12:24:53 2022 Panel 26.35V 17.51A 461.39W Batt 24.66V
Now it's almost 1 PM !!
Wed Apr 13 12:45:05 2022 Panel 26.37V 16.55A 436.42W Batt 24.67V
Why ?

And if you DISCONNECT and RECONNECT the solar panels, it would come back and with more power, almost half in most situations (on a good day).

Let the Fixer do it automatically !

Link to go back the Fixer Web Page: Solar Charge Controller Fixer

Questions? Please Contact Us, also let us know what interest you have.

Usually, when your batteries are full, charged up, the solar panel voltage will go HIGH because the CC is backing off (to open circuit volts), this is normal.

How do you know yours is doing it? Watch the display for the Solar Panel side when your batteries are charging, pushing a charge. Keep going back during a good day and check. Clouds sometimes confuse the MPPT too so keep checking. You may be losing perfectly good power!

You want to at least put this on your highest wattage set of panels, it's worth it!

Did you say solar panel stuck at low voltage, controller stuck low voltage at panel, panels at low voltage stuck, not charging much, and now it's fixed because you found this page! Yea, sorry, that read kinda funny but it helped you find this info!

Have a weird problem but disconnecting your panels resets or fixes it? Unusual orders, custom designs or special needs, please Contact Us.

Works with Positive or Negative ground controllers (tested on 4210A Pos and 5415AN Neg) and should work on others with Solar Panels up to 22A. Why wouldn't it? It's like a quick cloud going over and then the CC has to start the MPPT searching again. If you see it go LOW and get stuck on your Charge Controller, and you have manually disconnected and reconnected your panels and it comes back to where it should be, then this could work on low cost CC's like EPsolar EPever Tracer 4210A 3210A 2210A gets stuck, or Tracer1206AN Tracer2206AN Tracer1210AN Tracer2210AN Tracer3210AN Tracer4210AN getting stuck low or maybe Tracer6210AN Tracer5415AN Tracer6415AN Tracer8415AN Tracer10415AN Tracer5420AN Tracer6420AN get stuck on low voltage?. Is your KRXNY RUNNER40 RUNNER50 RUNNER60 PowMr or Rover staying at low voltage ? You got a eSmart3 ? V118, V113, HHJ low panel volts stuck? What does the display say? Do they all do this? Who knows? You keep an eye on the solar panel voltages on your low cost MPPT Controller !

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