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Other Enclosures
Enclosure Suggestions and Info

The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller, PWM Dump Load Controller and GTI Controller were designed to fit inside the Eaton low cost UL Listed electrical disconnect box available at Lowes or Home Depot. You get a disconnect switch, wire connection terminals and a nice enclosure with no extra shipping charges.

We offer the controllers with or without a box and have larger boxes available!
Check our other items on eBay.

Most DIY people want to keep their project costs down so by purchasing a low cost mass manufactured box at your local hardware store you save money. The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller would most likely sit in a garage or utility closet and may never be seen by anyone so the enclosure type is really not that important to most people.

pic Eaton disconnect box

The Eaton box gets warm to the touch with 2 x 250W panels (for solar hot water) so you want a larger box if you run more wattage to keep the electronics cool.

We have larger boxes available with a controller for running 3 or more panels.

Other DIY people may opt for a more expensive enclosure, so here are some other suggestions and links where possible.

Some places you want to look at are sites like
Hammond Manufacturing or Bud Industries
They have some really nice enclosures and can give you some ideas.

Like these enclosures:
pic box
Hammond Manufacturing N1A Series Enclosure

pic box
Bud Industries WM-5510 Enclosure

Fancy enclosures like this can run you $50 to $200 each plus shipping! Several online stores sell them such as Hutton Communications or use google search. Also call your local Electrical Supply House, ask if they sell to the general public (some do).

Some of these boxes do not come with "punch outs" for wire access so you will have to make your own holes, check for that and also check for UL listing if that is important to you.

You will want a place to connect all the wires, some kind of terminal block, and the best way to do that is to purchase the low cost Eaton box at Home Depot and use the pull disconnect block that comes inside. It has two regular holes in it for screw mounting.

Pricing a 10" X 10" X 4" indoor gray colored box with simple screw down cover (no hinge) at a local Electrical Supply House (NOT A HARDWARE STORE) came out to be a pretty reasonable price so shop/call around your town if you need a bigger box and save yourself money on shipping.

The controller mounts with 4 holes drilled in any box. Special holes are drilled in the heat sink in the right places to fit the Eaton box specifically but 4 extra holes are provided for a normal mount too.

Here's how that looks in a 10x10x4" box and a YouTube Video on how it's done:


pic larger box

Here's how a DUAL system looks in a 12x12x4" box, for
powering two elements at the same time:

pic larger box 2

The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller is for indoor use only!
Any condensation could cause shorts.


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Solar Hybrid FAQ

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