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 TechLuck MPPT Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller Spa / Hot Tub Heating

MPPT Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller
DIY Spa / Hot Tub Heating Project

Main info - MPPT Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller > CLICK HERE

Also please read the FAQ - CLICK HERE

This is a DIY project using some standard PVC pipe and connections to raise the temperature of a Spa or Hot Tub to possibly 98F (37C) during the day using FREE SOLAR POWER so that only a small amount of grid power is needed to bring it up to the typical usable temp of 101F to 102F (38 ~ 39C) before you get in.

A Spa or Hot Tub can have 135 to 200 gallons (511 ~ 775L) for a 2 person size or 300 to 400 gallons (1,135 ~ 1,514L) of water in them or more for a 4 to 7 person size, they are generally located outside, and are not well insulated. Any heat you can add will obviously lower your grid power bill.

MPPT is absolutely necessary to get the most power from the solar panels.

Come back and check this page as this project progresses !

pic spa heater The heating element chosen is the 4500W 240V standard water heater element and 750W (3 panels in series) to 1000W and a bigger and WATER TIGHT box for more heat sink area.

pic pump Possibly using a pump like this "Intex Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 330 GPH with GFCI" priced around $35 and 120V 50W


pic pump For further safety you should use a $5 25A 149F (65C) Bi-metal Disc Thermostat (normally closed contacts) strapped to the outer pipe for a thermal cut-out. Put it in series with the pressure switch.

You should also add a few stainless steel screws going through the PVC pipe near the intake and output ports of the pipe that connect to electrical ground as a safety feature.

pic solar hybrid hot water
The MPPT controller comes like this > > >

The circuit is fully assembled and tested and comes mounted on it's heat sink as shown to the right. > > >

You get a weatherproof metal 10" x 10" x 4" box (minimum) from your local Electrical Supply house, buy some other items, mount it & wire the unit. No soldering required.

The box and other items for this project are not included.

Buy the controller with confidence on Ebay!

https://www.ebay.com/usr/techluck1 pic e-pic

(Get a weatherproof metal box at your local Electrical Supply)
GLOBAL SHIPPING is available via Ebay!
If you have problems with that Ebay link, please Contact Us with your zip code, country or other info if you can't find the item listed. Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the U.S. Virgin Islands contact us first because ebay calculates shipping wrong for you.



Come back and check this page as this project progresses !

Do not exceed the Solar Hybrid Specs

Please read the FAQ.

A professional installer or electrician should be used for any install.

Proper grounding for this project is very important! Also, always GROUND your solar panel frames for lightning protection. Always use metal conduit (also grounded) for wire runs and stranded wire for DC. Recommended additional safety devices you can add are a Lightning Protector, and at higher operating volts over 80V, a DC Ground Fault detector and a DC Series Arc Fault detector (when they become readily available and reliable).


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