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Solar Hot Water Controller
pic solar hot water controller
· Solar hot water the easy way, no plumbing

Solar Spa Heating System
pic solar hot water spa project
·Solar Spa / Hot Tub Heating System MPPT PV DIY

GTI Controller
pic solar hot water controller
· Keeps your batteries charged any extra goes to a Grid Tie Inverter
· Run a 600W GTI at higher voltages for less wire loss and better performance

Wind Turbine PWM Dump Load Controller
· Keeps your wind turbine within set limits without wasting power


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Solar Hybrid FAQ

Solar Hybrid Specs

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YouTube Video

GTI Controller FAQ

GTI Controler Demo pic tv icon
YouTube Video

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Solar Hybrid FAQ

Solar Hybrid Specs

Solar Forum pic forum

BUY IT NOW - Dealer List

Solar Space Heating Sys
Educational Project Idea

pic direct-solar-space-heating
· Heat a room or area directly with Solar PV
(this is now just for info)

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