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Emergency Preparedness Solar Batteries Water Freezer Discussion

Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller - The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller is Now Available !


EPsolar Tracer A series voltage settings using the MT50 and Li-Ion batteries

What is clean and green energy?

LTO Lithium Titanate Batteries For Solar?

SAFETY FIRST!! Too many Li-Ion batteries in parallel can kill !

Little Wireless Battery Capacity Digital Ah Meters REVIEW

Survival Tips Tricks and Info - Using a LED flashlight instead of LED lights

Smart Meters - Watch "Smart Attack" (hilarious 4-min vid!) Spread On Socials!

18650 cell level fuses and why you should use them

Save On Power Bill - Solar Hot Water No Plumbing DIY!

A Little Solar Charge Controller that may be able to do more!

HOWTO: Get The Power Company To Pay For Your Solar Panels

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - They hate solar! Test of N.C. laws against non-utility sales of electricity

Suggestions please

Experts Find That Smart Meters Suck and YOU Have Been Lied To


Smart Meters - Smart Meters Can Read 582% Higher - Amsterdam University Study

My Tesla Powerwall - Nissan Leaf Batteries in a Solar Installation

Quick solar mounts for possible emergency setup or other reasons

Home generator for $12 a month w/small fee for gas NOW AVAILABLE

My Tesla Powerwall Is Here! 7.5 KWh Power Curve Explanation Tech Info DIY

60A EPpsolar charge controller reading 0.00A for current above 30A

Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller - Moved: '60A EPpsolar charge controller reading 0.00A for current above 30A'

Big Huge DIY Solar Tracker Holds 20 x 220W panels!

Community Solar - Big Software Systems Are Now Available!

Grid Tie Inverter Repair - Transformer Check

DC Watt Meter Has 100A Shunt - Uses and Misc

Need some info, just started

Smart Meters - Smart Meter and Wifi Harm From RF Lots of Links to Info

Smart Meters - Insurance Companies May Not Cover Smart Meter Fires!

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - Solar NON Impact On Utilities Hawaii Is Leading Example Plus Batteries

Smart Meters - Over 100,000 smart meters to be removed in Ontario & BC

A Better Way to Wire A Watt Meter

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - Nevada just got screwed by their PUC !

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - Storage - SunEdison Signs Large-Scale Energy Storage Contract With Ontario ISO

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - New Mexico PUC Too Broke To Do Study On Rooftop Solar!

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - Nevada PUC already funded study that found NO COST SHIFT to non solar customers

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - Colorado Net Metering To Stay Unchanged, After 18-month Study

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - California Added 11MW of Behind-the-Meter Batteries in Q3

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - Nevada Solar advocates drop off 31,650 petitions at PUC on Dec 2nd

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - California Power Co Proposals For Solar Fees

Announcement: New Solar Forum: Solar vs Power Company DEMAND CHARGES FOR ALL

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - SAMPLE LETTER To Legislators, Congress, PUCs, Governors, State Officials

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - Demand Charges For ALL Customers? Here's why they are trying

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - North Carolina NC WARN Group Links and Info FIGHT DUKE ENERGY

Solar vs Power Company ALL OF USA - HELP HELP HELP !! Please give a some time to this, we need info to fight with!

WARNING: Utilities Trying to End Solar Net Metering by CHARGING MORE

HOWTO: Reset KWh and Time Counters on a SUN-1000G Grid Tie Inverter

County trying to force people to connect to the grid !

USA is now #2 worldwide in wind power with 66 GW

GE to build its largest grid-scale battery to date

Cardiff University UK builds low cost energy positive house

Smart Meters - SMART METER FIRES: Fatalities and Liability list

Smart Meters - Indiana regulators reject Duke Energy’s $1.9B plan to install ‘smart’ meters

Smart Meters - Flawed encryption leaves millions of smart grid devices at risk of cyberattacks

Help a new user understand... Low panel output / crappy converter?

Solar Gives You Better Interest On Money Than Banks!

Electrical Subpanel Grounding Safety Issues

Help a Noob get started!!!

Get a Kill-A-Watt Meter For $15 ANYTIME! Harbor Freight

Identifying a "Southwest Windpower" turbine generator

Wave Energy Generator

Smart Meters - California Public Utilities Commission President Knew of "Smart" Meter Harm

Survival Tips Tricks and Info - Using your car as a portable generator with mobile gas tank

Survival Tips Tricks and Info - Energy Saving Styrofoam 10 Minuite Project

Smart Meters - Success: The end of “smart” meters in Port Angeles, Washington

Smart Meters - CEO of big Power Co. Resigns Without Severance Over Smart Meters!

Smart Meters - Human Carcinogen RF/EMF 2B to Group 1 (tobacco/asbestos) BLOCKED BY INDUSTRY!

Smart Meters - Woman Dies, Nevada Fire Marshal: Smart Meters Warrant Investigation, MORE

SUN 250 and Power Jack 300 Grid Tie Inverter comparison and insides

Smart Meters - Arizona anon APS whistleblower, 50,000+ faulty "smart" meters to be replaced

Smart Meters - Lakeland, Florida recalls more than 10,000 meters FIRE HAZARD

Smart Meters - 111 municipalities in Quebec have called for a moratorium and or free opt-out

Smart Meters - Judge Orders Pacific Gas and Electric To Remove/Credit Opt Out Fees !

Smart Meters - SaskPower is recalling and removing all 105,000 smart meters!

Smart Meters - Fires prompt SaskPower to halt smart meter installation

Simple Dump Load Controller Schematic

Utilities Want Solar Customers to Pay More

Solar Wiring Amperage, Wire Size and Voltage Drop Info

Smart Meters - Power Company PROOF OF SPYING Now Admitted - They Know What Is Running

Smart Meters - Power Company Raises Rates 38% To Cover Cost Of Smart Meters

USA Electricity Prices May Be Going Up For Good (so says LA Times)

Oklahoma to charge homeowners who generate own power

Grid Tie Inverter Repair - DC Input Short Check

Smart Meters - Major US Utility: No Rational Basis for Smart Meters

Electricity Price Index Soars, but electricity production declines 2014

Smart Meters - Illinois Electricity Customers Forced to Get 'Smart Meters' or Pay Fine

Free And Virtually Unlimited Fuel To Heat Your Home - Video

Sodium-Ion Batteries Now Mass Produced In The USA, Pittsburgh At Lower Cost

HOWTO: Make your own amp meter shunt from 10 AWG wire

89 Cent/W Solar Panels INCLUDING SHIPPING To My Door!

Smart Meters - Recomend a test meter

Solar Powered Fresh Water From Sea Water Now Possible!

Worlds First Solar Powered Family Car

The future generation? Community-based energy comes of age

Solar Power Well Pump Sits Next To Existing Pump and Also a Hand Pump!

Smart Meters - AAEM Calls for Moratorium on Smart Meters, New Research, Clear Harm

Smart Meters - BC Hydro Canada People Using Law To Stop Opt-Out Fees! USA Next?

Best grid tie inverter

Why Power Companies Should Like Grid Tie Solar Systems

My thoughts and plans for the Solar Hot Water Controller...

DIY - Solar Hot Air Collectors for those interested..

Smart Meters - Take Back Your Power - Movie About Smart Meters - Spread The Word!

Smart Meters - All The Reasons To STOP SMART METERS In One Long Text File


Survival Tips Tricks and Info - Buy a small 200W personal space heater

GTI and Battery Controller Installed and Working

World record solar cell with 44.7% efficiency

24V to 12V or 5V converter boards for small stuff

The CO2 thing is a big lie, and they know it!

Power Companies Are Shutting Down Solar Grid Tie Systems! Electric Cars?

Battery back for my boiler

Smart Meters - Smart Meters Are NOT Solar / Green Energy Friendly!

Off Grid With Your Refrigerator, Complications, Details, Ideas

Solar panels best price

LED Light Bulbs Are safer And Save Even More $ than the Mercury Laced Florecent

Solar panels getting more power on a scattered, cloudy day!

Just Bought Two New Go Power Inverters One Has Less No Load Power Draw

Oil saving win-win drives Saudi solar power boom

novel triple-junction solar cell with potential to break 50% conversion

Air Conditioner Watts / Power read with a Kill-A-Watt meter

How a grid tie inverter detects grid down, anti islanding

Using a Ultracapacitor "battery" to Start Your Car + Solar Panel

36 volt panel, 14-28 volt gti

Roomba iRobot takes almost 3 KWh a month just sitting there!

How to: Fix a solar panel that quit working

The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller is Now Available !

Solar Steam Breakthrough Using Nanoparticles

Solar accounts for all new utility power in US during first quarter of 2013

IUPUI's solar power installation harvests the sun

A blade-less, non mechanical wind turbine concept being tested

12 volt sticky back flexible waterproof LED strip light

Smart Meters - Nevada must give a Smart Meter that reads both ways for SOLAR

I Want to Use Some Auto Fuses on my Solar Panels Wres for Safety

Do Auto fuse links have more resistance to voltage than breakers?

How Should I Wire In MY Ground Wires On Solar Panels and Breakers

Smart Meters - Links to Smart Meter Related Sites

Match my grid consumption with a Grid Tie Inverter & Baterries

sun 250G almost no output

Smart Meters - Why Stop Smart Meters?

350 Watts Green Power GTI

Gas Stations should be required to have GENERATORS by ordnance !

80A Fuse holder at Walmart for $11 works good for solar stuff and inverters

Big Solar Projects in NV at $1.3 Billion Makes Only 288 Jobs!

Calculating the amount of Watts when creating a Permanent Magnet Generator?

5kw wind turbine

Smart Meters - Maine Supreme Court Rules PUC Neglected Safety Review

Smart Meters - How privacy-conscious consumers are fooling, hacking smart meters

Smart Meters - Doctor WARNING: American Academy of Environmental Medicine Says No Smart Meters

Chinese solar panels may get 31 to 250 percent tariff!

Competition between the difference in the energy-saving lamps and LED lamps

HOWTO: Convert a 4 ft Florescent Fixture to LED Lights

Solar cells that turned brown from a solar concentrator experiment

The 7th Guangzhou Int'l Water Heater Exhibition 2012

Smart Meters - Utilities are now delaying deployment of Smart Meters!

Smart Meters - Vermont legislature requires utility companies to offer a free OPT OUT!

Solar Tracker Makes 500 Watt Plus

Drop in solar panel voltage to zero when connected to load


Satellite Dish Solar Tracker Project Info, Ideas, Details

Smart Meters - Smart Meter Lawsuits Multiplying

How I Connected An External Fan To My Grid Tie Inverter

Laws - Nevada Legislation Forces the Power Co to Give You Two Way Meter!

PV cells will be common for Chinese families in 3 to 5 years

Solar panel made with ion cannon is cheap enough to challenge fossil fuels

Commerce Department imposes new tariffs on Chinese solar panels

WANF power METERS SAFE???? Don't Think So

Smart Meters - Electrical Explosion During Smart Meter Install, Fort Myers / Naples, FL

Geothermal Power

Two Small diy Solar Panels Made Out of Glass and Aluminun Make 55 Watts

Can You Combine 24V and 12V Wind Turbines Into One System.

New home owner - looking for suggestions on how to save money

30+ Year Old Solar Panel Is Still At Factory Specs! From 1979!

Framing a Solar Panel With Aluminum

Massive Improvement in Solar Panel Watts Out Put Using 8 Gauge Wire over 10Gauge

Kansas approves high-voltage transmission line for wind power

Grid Tie Inverter Inside Look Videos and Repair Videos List

Oil Sands Industry

Hydrogen Generation Market

Smart Meters - Are smart meters real-time surveillance spies? YES!

Smart Meters - Hacking "smart" water meters is easier than it should be

Smart Meters - Two days for amateur hacker to hack smart meter, fake readings

Smart Meters - Is a Smart Meter Really Mandatory?

help with used solar panels!!

Getting 91% Efficiency From A Power Jack 300W Grid Tie Inverter!

AZ Puts 17-Megawatt+ of Solar Power On Grid Now

Solar Energy Grid Tie Laws, Codes and Rules, Energy Policy Act, All In One Place

How to find out what amount of SUN you get in your area (Solar Radiation)

How to find the SUN position for any time of year

California Approves 570 MW Hybrid Natural Gas-Solar Thermal Plant

Smart Meters - New study and info on the Bio-Effects of Smart Meters

 Solar Water Heater

Feasiblity study

Solar panel start pump temp ???

Excessive heat - what are the options?

Tornado Hits Wind Turbines at Wind Farm (Video)

lectric Car MPG? How do they calculate that?

solar energy equipment information

Smart Meters - Moved: 'solar energy equipment information'

Smart Meters - Man Saves His Neighbors from Smart Meters

Solar Energy

Good news for solar panel buyers, at least for a little while

Smart Meters - Utilities are backing off of forced Smart Meter installs, PUCs getting wise

Smart Meters - California gets Smart Meters Stopped!

Smart Meters - Smart meters reveal TV viewing habits, researchers show

Smart Meters - Defend Your Analog Meter: New electrical meter locking ring available

Smart Meters - Pickering Canada, couple still in dark a day after smart meter explodes

E-cat cold fusion device operates for 35 minutes without external energy input

Smart Meters - Texas - Oncor Sued for Fraud Over Smart Meters

Smart Meters - Could Hackers Break into Your Electric Meter? Scientific American Article

Smart Meters - Is anything being done to prevent cyber attacks on the power grid?

Smart Meters - EnergyNOW: Interviews Former CIA Director on Cyber Attacks to the Grid

Smart Meters - Maine Requires Smart Meter Opt-Out

Smart Meters - Solutions: Steps to Take to Minimize Exposure to High Frequencies

Smart Meters - Technocracy’s Endgame: Global Smart Grid

Smart Meters - Wireless Smart Meters Short Videos by Scientists Tell the Real Story

Smart Meters - CA Assembly member Huffman Introduces Bill to Require Wireless Opt Out

Smart Meters - Sample Letter to Power Company Text To Stop Smart Meters

Smart Meters - State Consumer Agency BLASTS CPUC Calls for Public Proceeding on Smart Meters

Smart Meters - Smart Meter Fires and Explosions Compilation

Smart Meters - Smart Meter Almost Burns Fire Captain's House

Smart Meters - Download FREE Book About the Problems With Smart Meters!

Smart Meters - CNN: Low Budget Hackers Can Shut Down Electricity Grid in Wide Areas

Smart Meters - Public Grills Power Utility Execs at CA PUC Meeting

Smart Meters - Santa Cruz, CA Man Assaulted By Smart Meter Installer, Camera Broken

Smart Meters - "Smart" Meter Opponents Cry Foul on Charging Plan

Smart Meters - Lompoc, CA Woman Defies PG&E, Puts on Gloves and Removes "Smart" Meter

Smart Meters - Capitola, CA Demands Halt as PG&E Forces "Smart" Meters

Moved: 'Stop them from installing or remove a "Smart" Meter with this letter? Good stuff'

Moved: 'Smart Meter Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Bakersfield, Man Gets Meter Removed'

New solar system produces electricity at 5c / KWh

Breakthrough technology that magnifies the power of the sun

DIY Solar Panel Backing Material "SignTex" May Be a Good Solution

Smart Meters - Smart Meter Class Action Lawsuit Filed in Bakersfield, Man Gets Meter Removed

Why you should do a battery equalization charge once and a while

 Square beam - how to achieve it?

Smart Meters - Stop them from installing or remove a "Smart" Meter with this letter? Good stuff

Wire length for my home made solar panel ?

Secrets of the Kill-A-Watt - Self test mode and more

Like to look at lots of interesting wind turbines? Commercially available

Lead Acid Battery Efficiency - what you are losing using a battery

Little things around the house that add up to lots of watts

Saving lots of power on your PC when idle and while you are using it

Calif Gov pushes 12-gigawatt clean-power goal

Georgia is the latest to encourage slow speed [electric] transportation

Easy to build, low cost, adjustable solar panel ground level mount

Improving a small solar charge controller for higher amps, ideas..

Florida Power & Light - $2 per watt of the DC output of a PV system, up to $20

12V / 24V 20 / 60 Amp Solar Charge Controller Schematic

Power bills rising to pay for energy efficiency programs!

Automatic Transfer Switch with timer and grid outage failover

The working behind a solar system.

You use less grid power and now power companies want more money?

PSE&G New Jersey’s largest utility is mounting 200,000 solar panels all over

Inside a newer 400W modified sine wave inverter

Wind power for Maine, they are really moving on this!

Safety concerns with plywood backing for your solar setup

Solar Evacuated Tube Ideas for Hot Water

Voltage drop when Solar panel connected

Water tank filled by solar panels

Why solar panels and wind turbines are such good investment

Anyone else have a TED The Energy Detective monitor electric meter?

We can learn a lot from the Japan Earthquake

P3 Kill A Watt meters for $17 free shipping at NewEgg!

Fusion is the solution to nuclear fission plants?

These 5MW wind turbines use the same technology as our home systems

Unique wind turbine idea, string a bunch of little ones together!

Extraordinarily efficient VAWT, durable, relatively inexpensive Wind Turbine

Power Jack 600W Grid Tie Inverter inside look and repair

Power Jack 1200W LCD Grid Tie Inverter inside look

Sun 300W Grid Tie inside look and repair

How to cut your electric bill in half!

Get a Chevy Volt-like car for $3000 to $5000 !

Can you help with inverter choices?

Are my expectations to high?????

Electric Car MPG? How do they calculate that?

Save money by using a heated blanket versus your household heater

generator coils

Building permits?

Lithium-ion battery with new chemistry could power electric vehicles

Xantrex GT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverters Recalled

The "new" Hybrid UPS & Inverter concept

Problems with Air-X wind turbines

Pics of a UPS switching over, possibly syncing

Solar Hot Water Circulator Pumps and Systems

The Grid Tie Effect and Wind Turbines

Howto: Post Youtube Videos In Your Messages

Electric water heater starting cold, charted

How about a FREE easy to build solar heater, from TRASH!

Battery Sulfation and Desulfators