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 The Wind Turbine PWM Dump Load Controller
Control Your Dump Load with PWM!
Simple, easy way to variably control your dump load

  • More Usable Power - Varies the load to get you more power
  • Needs No Charge Controller - This is the charge controller!
  • User Adjustable Set Voltage - Set it to come on at a voltage you pick
  • CPU Controlled - Microprocessor controlled for set point, timing and PWM
  • Easy Install - Two wires in and two wires out!

pic solar wind GTI controller Simple operation, the special programmed CPU starts to regulate the turbine's speed at a set voltage (typically set to 28.8V or 57.6V) and keeps loading the turbine more and more till it slows down and the voltage comes down.

Keeps energy flowing in lighter winds so you can produce more energy from your turbine.

Picture this: Your inverter is on and running a load and the turbine is cranking out watts, why stop it completely? Why not REGULATE IT instead?

Does not slam on the dump load, uses a gradual method to slow the turbine, saving power. The turbine doesn't have to spin back up, it's being SPEED REGULATED.

Works with wind turbines using a 24V or 48V battery bank.

Up to a 1500W turbine (for a 48V system, see specs), recommended dump load +25% of maximum turbine output.

User adjustable voltage set point.

pic Eaton disconnect box Fits in this recommended Eaton low cost UL Listed electrical disconnect box available at Lowes or Home Depot (not included). You get a disconnect switch, wire connection terminals and a nice enclosure with no extra shipping charges!

No moving parts (such as a fan), it works quietly and efficiently day in and day out without maintenance hassles.

This device comes as a partly assembled kit. The circuit is fully assembled and tested and comes mounted on it's metal heat sink which is designed to fit perfectly in the Eaton box.

Buy a Eaton box from Lowes, Home Depot or a local Electrical Supply house, buy some plywood, mount it & wire the unit. No soldering required.

A 30A ATC Fuse and Fuse Holder are included.

The box and plywood are not included in the kit.

A ready to go box is available from us, if you don't mind paying the extra shipping or don't have a Home Depot nearby, check our other items on eBay or contact us.

pic electrical boxes You can buy a more expensive UL Listed electrical box on the web, your choice. The bigger the box, the bigger the heat sink but the Eaton box is sufficient for max rated amps.
See our [ Other Enclosures Page ] for more info.

You will now own something of substance and value instead of throwing money year after year into the power company black hole!

Reduce your carbon footprint now! Reduce reliance on foreign oil!

pic American flag The Wind Turbine PWM Dump Load Controller is made in America! Your purchase helps support local American electronic assemblers, parts suppliers and machinists.

Absolute Maximum Voltage: 65V DC
Absolute Maximum Current: 30A
Typical Operating Current with 24V Battery: 26A at a set point of about 28.8V
Turbine Rating with 24V Battery: Up to 750W turbine, 750W dump load recommended
Typical Operating Current with 48V Battery: 26A at a set point of about 57.6V
Turbine Rating with 48V Battery: Up to 1500W turbine, 1500W dump load recommended
Recommended Dump Load Resistor Watts: +25% of maximum turbine output
Included Fuse: 30A ATC with fuse holder
Microprocessor CPU Controlled with constant adjustment
Insertion Efficiency: 97% (pass through)
Switch: High tech, latest technology high amp MOSFET (over designed)
MOSFET Gate Drive: 15V, hard off/on for maximum efficiency and quick switching
Recommended Batteries: 100 Ah total or larger at chosen voltage
NEC Article 409 compliant when using the Eaton UL Listed, NEMA 3R enclosure
Load Type: Resistive loads only (no reactive loads like motors or anything with big coils)
Wire Size: 10 AWG minimum, 5 ft max length to/from box/batteries, shorter is better
For indoor use only.
Must be mounted in a Eaton box or other larger box/piece of metal for a heat sink.
Eaton box gets slightly warm at full rated power.
These specifications are subject to change without notice.

This is a low voltage DC off grid device not connected to the electrical grid "mains"

Eaton Disconnect Box: (buy it at Home Depot, purchased separately)
Note: Controller fits in this exact box perfectly without any modifications
60 Amp Non-Fusible Pull Disconnect Model: DPU222RP
UL Listed: 74X2 #E132354, #E143893, #E196365
CSA Listed: File 069743 (DH222R)
ANSI certified
NEMA Rating: 3R Enclosure
Suitable for CSA Type 3R applications
Meets 2008 NEC Article 422.31 (B) requirements for servicing electric water heaters
Copper or Aluminum wire rated (AL or CU Wire)
Canada Alternate Model: 3GAC222NF
Box Depth (in.) 3 in
Box Height (in.) 9 in
Box Width (in.) 5.5 in
Do not buy the GE box that looks the same, it's too small inside and the controller won't fit.

These are custom order units! Please contact us.

List Price: $295.95

If you want this custom made unit, please contact us at :

E-mail: nrodge at techluck dot com

Or use the [ Contact Form - click here ]

Thank you for your business!!

Dealer or Installer inquires are welcome.

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