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 The Solar Charge Controller Fixer
Solar Charge Controller stuck at 30V ?
You have seen it - should be 80 or 100+ volts on the solar side...
But it says 30V - STUCK for more than a 1/2 hour!

PROOF? See the Charts and Data Page: Charts and Data
  • More Power - At 30V it's about half power! How much $$ is that?
  • Works With ANY Charge Controller - Low cost charge controllers are OK too
  • 250V Max - Higher voltages = less wire loss & better performance
  • 22A Max - This is on the Solar Panel side
  • 4400W of Solar Panels - WOW !! Add up the losses over a year!
  • User Adjustable Set Voltage - Set it to activate at the low voltage you pick
  • OK On Cloudy Days - Does your Charge Controller Freak out?
  • CPU Controlled - Microprocessor controlled for set point and timing
  • No More Manual Disconnect - Relax, it's all automatic now!
  • Your Stuck MPPT Adjusts Back Faster - It's a short programmed off period
  • No More Arcing or Sparking - All done by semiconductors
  • Controller Stuck No More! - No more Solar Panel stuck at low voltage
  • 48V Too - It's connected on the Solar Panel side, you set the low trigger
  • Easy Install - Two wires in and two wires out!
  • Eco Friendly - Reduced CO2 emissions! Reduce your carbon footprint!
  • Home Value - You own the solar panels, not the power company!
  • Made in the USA - Designed and manufactured in the USA

NOTE: This is a MODIFIED version of the Solar Hot Water Controller, please read everything below.

This is a REPROGRAMMED and highly MODIFIED SHWC - Please contact us after ordering.

You've seen it - it should be 80 or 100+ volts on the Solar Panel side but it's STUCK and shows some low voltage like 30V for more than 30 minutes! And it's about Half Power!, all that solar energy goes to waste till the controller decides to behave, sometimes hours later!

Fix it NOW ! You are losing power and energy every day you wait!

The Solar Charge Controller Fixer watches the Solar Panel voltage, and when it goes lower than a set point, it disconnects your Solar Panels for a very brief time, your charge controller thinks a big cloud went over and starts it's MPPT cycle again at a higher voltage!

It's all automatic! Have you been manually disconnecting your panels whenever you see this? How many times have you missed it?

pic solar-charge-controller-fixer-diagram
How do you know yours is doing it? Watch the display for the Solar Panel side when your batteries are charging, pushing a charge. Keep going back during a good day and check. Clouds sometimes confuse the MPPT too so keep checking. You may be losing perfectly good power!

Usually, when your batteries are full, charged up, the solar panel voltage will go HIGH because the CC is backing off (to open circuit volts), this is normal.

You want to at least put this on your highest wattage set of panels, it's worth it! The amps should be 22A max for your panel's sticker specs total, and that's more likely between the ISC (short circuit amps) and IMP ratings because when it goes down to 30V it will be closer to the ISC rating. It's so annoying being stuck!

12V-24V-48V battery bank, it doesn't matter, it's on the Solar Panel side and you set the voltage activation point.

Works with Positive or Negative ground controllers (tested on 4210A Pos and 5415AN Neg) and should work on others with Solar Panels up to 22A. Why wouldn't it? It's like a quick cloud going over and then the CC has to start the MPPT searching again. If you see it go LOW and get stuck on your Charge Controller, and you have manually disconnected and reconnected your panels and it comes back to where it should be, then this could work on low cost CC's like EPsolar EPever Tracer 4210A 3210A 2210A gets stuck, or Tracer1206AN Tracer2206AN Tracer1210AN Tracer2210AN Tracer3210AN Tracer4210AN getting stuck low or maybe Tracer6210AN Tracer5415AN Tracer6415AN Tracer8415AN Tracer10415AN Tracer5420AN Tracer6420AN get stuck on low voltage?. Is your KRXNY RUNNER40 RUNNER50 RUNNER60 PowMr or Rover staying at low voltage ? You got a eSmart3 ? V118, V113, HHJ low panel volts stuck? What does the display say? Do they all do this? Who knows? You keep an eye on the solar panel voltages on your low cost MPPT Controller !

pic solar hot water controller This device comes as a partly assembled kit. The circuit is fully assembled and tested and comes mounted on it's metal heat sink which is designed to fit perfectly in the Eaton box.

Questions? Please Contact Us, also let us know what interest you have.

More details: Cloudy or partly cloudy days are not a problem, if the panels reach the low voltage set point, it keeps trying until things get back to normal.

You set the low voltage you want it to activate at by using a small variable voltage power supply or even AAA or 9V cells if you want, it just needs a voltage above 8V at 10 milliamps (0.010A) to operate (disconnected from your panels of course).

The screw contacts on the controller handle up to #10 gauge wire, but after that you could go bigger if necessary to be compatible with your system, so it could be a very short length of #10 that you can adapt to.

Wire length from the unit over to the Charge Controller can be up to 25 feet if needed. The length to the Solar Panels doesn't matter, but your Panel frames should be grounded and Metal Conduit used.

Did you say solar panel stuck at low voltage, controller stuck low voltage at panel, panels at low voltage stuck, not charging much, and now it's fixed because you found this page! Yea, sorry, that read kinda funny but it helped you find this info!

pic Eaton disconnect box Fits in this recommended Eaton low cost UL Listed electrical disconnect box available at Lowes or Home Depot (not included). You get a disconnect switch, wire connection terminals and a nice enclosure with no extra shipping charges!

It really doesn't generate much heat so the Eaton box is just fine and it fits perfectly. It won't fit in the GE box that looks like this Eaton box, the GE box is actually too small.

No moving parts (such as a fan), it works quietly and efficiently day in and day out without maintenance hassles.

Buy a Eaton box from Lowes, Home Depot or a local Electrical Supply house, buy some plywood, mount it & wire the unit. No soldering required.

The Eaton box and plywood are not included in the kit.

You will now own something of substance and value instead of throwing money year after year into the power company black hole!

Reduce your carbon footprint now! Reduce reliance on foreign oil!

pic American flag The Solar Charge Controller Fixer is made in America! Your purchase helps support local American electronic assemblers, parts suppliers and machinists.

A Few Customer Reviews And Installs:

"It's working great for me, I did it to my highest wattage panels and controllers"
Nate, NV  
(1280W of panels 4 x 320W, on each EPsolar EPever Tracer 4210A controller and Tracer 5415AN)

Email us with your install !

Order a normal Solar Hot Water Controller from the MAIN WEB PAGE
      img BUY NOW
Manufacturer Direct

Then please Contact Us and let us know that you want it modified for the Solar Charge Controller Fixer purpose

Give us an additional   15 working days  to modify and test your unit.

Suggested List Price: $299.95 (without box)

Please contact us at :

E-mail: nrodge at techluck dot com

Or use the [ Contact Form - click here ]

Because this is a DIY installed electronic item and it's also CUSTOM MODIFIED, there are NO RETURNS. However, we do provide repairs at a reasonable price and buyers pay shipping both ways. Make sure you have seen your controller get stuck on low panel voltages and power cycling just the panels brings it back.

Thank you for your business!!

Have a weird problem but disconnecting your panels resets or fixes it? Unusual orders, custom designs or special needs, please Contact Us.

Dealer or Installer inquires are welcome with quantity orders.

Specs: (mostly the same as the SHWC except for the AMPS)
Absolute Maximum Voltage: 250V DC (panel open circuit should never approach this)
Absolute Maximum Current: 25A
Typical Operating Voltage: 200V (operating means when panels are under load)
Typical Operating Current: 22A (try to keep it within this max please)
Solar Panel Max Watts: 4400W (but the amps are the important thing)
Minimum Low Voltage: About 8V DC is where it starts working
Microprocessor CPU Controlled
Insertion Efficiency: 98% or better (pass through)
Switch: High tech, latest technology IGBT (mosfet) 80A at 1200V (over designed)
IGBT Gate Drive: 15V, hard off/on for maximum efficiency and quick switching
NEC Article 409 compliant when using the Eaton UL Listed, NEMA 3R enclosure
Wire Size: 10 AWG max on the screw terminals, 25 ft max length to CC, shorter is better
Controller Size: 4.5"W x 4.5"L x 1.5"H
For indoor use only.
Must be mounted in a Eaton box or other larger box/piece of metal for a heat sink.
Eaton box gets slightly warm at full rated power.
These specifications are subject to change without notice.
Always GROUND your solar panel frames for lightning protection.
Always use metal conduit (also grounded) for wire runs and stranded wire for DC.
A professional installer or electrician should be used for any install.
Only use on the Solar Panel Side of a Charge Controller.
This is a low voltage DC off grid device not connected to the electrical grid "mains"

Eaton Disconnect Box: (buy it at Home Depot, purchased separately)
Note: Controller fits in this exact box perfectly without any modifications
60 Amp Non-Fusible Pull Disconnect Model: DPU222RP
UL Listed: 74X2 #E132354, #E143893, #E196365
CSA Listed: File 069743 (DH222R)
ANSI certified
NEMA Rating: 3R Enclosure
Suitable for CSA Type 3R applications
Meets 2008 NEC Article 422.31 (B) requirements for servicing electric water heaters
Copper or Aluminum wire rated (AL or CU Wire)
Canada Alternate Model: 3GAC222NF
Box Depth (in.) 3 in
Box Height (in.) 9 in
Box Width (in.) 5.5 in
Do not buy the GE box that looks the same, it's too small inside and the controller won't fit.

Always GROUND your solar panel frames for lightning protection. Always use metal conduit (also grounded) for wire runs and stranded wire for DC. Recommended additional safety devices you can add are a Lightning Protector, and at higher operating volts over 80V, a DC Ground Fault detector and a DC Series Arc Fault detector (when they become readily available and reliable).

Why bother making this? We already make the SHWC and the manufacturing, assembly and metal is all set-up and the "bugs" worked out with the suppliers for these small qtys so why go through all the time and expense to design and build something that may sell a few a year? WHAT?? Everyone in the world doesn't need to fix their Solar Charge Controller? Plus it's DIY too! How big do you really think this market is? Then, how many people look at their solar panel voltage anyway? So this is it. Here's the solution. We do the modification and re-programming to make it work for this purpose. It won't work on your hot water tank. Buy the SHWC for that, sorry but it's got more changes than you think.

The Solar Charge Controller Fixer is Patent Applied for.

Some TV people are calling Solar Panels a Solar Generator, watch out for the low power, over priced "as seen on TV" systems out there. Solar Panels are currently available for under $1 a watt shipped to your door, look around!

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