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 TechLuck Electronic Engineering Design Services
TechLuck Electronic Engineering Design Services

30+ Years Electronics Engineering Knowledge and Experience
New Product Development Specialists
Interface Experts - Connect to any Electronic Device
Analog, Digital, Power, and RF Electronics Design
Microchip Pic or Atmel Embedded Programming and Development
Other CPUs, ARM, Cortex, Single Board Microcontroller Programming
FPGA, PAL, SPLD Programming and Development
Linux or Windows Programming to Machine Language Level if Necessary
Linux or Windows GUI Programming, Driver Programming
Embedded Linux, ARM, Coretex, Freescale IMX, GUI, Touchscreen
C, C++, Assembly, Machine Language, Perl, Others
TCP/IP Protocol Experts, Packet or Bit Level Programming
Gaming Industry Experience and SAS Protocol Communications Experts
Serial, RS-232, RS-485 Experts to the Bit Level
Motor, Servo, Controls, Compumotor, Design, Programming, Mechanical
Power Electronics, MOSFETS, IGBT, Design, Testing, Prototyping
Circuit Board PCB Design and Manufacturing
Extensive Internet Experience, CGI, PHP, Perl, Databases, SQL, Etc..
Assembly and Production Resources Available
Outside or On Site Consultant Contracts Available

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Solar Hot Water Controller
pic solar hot water controller
· Solar hot water the easy way, no plumbing

Charge Controller Fixer
pic solar-charge-controller-fixer
· Fix that stuck on low voltage panel side Solar Charge Controller!

Solar Spa Heating System
pic solar hot water spa project
· Solar Spa / Hot Tub Heating System MPPT PV DIY Project

GTI Controller
pic solar hot water controller
· Keeps your batteries charged any extra goes to a Grid Tie Inverter
· Run a 600W GTI at higher voltages for less wire loss and better performance

Wind Turbine PWM Dump Load Controller
· Keeps your wind turbine within set limits without wasting power


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Solar Hybrid FAQ

Solar Hybrid Specs

Hybrid Demo pic tv icon
YouTube Video

GTI Controller FAQ

GTI Controler Demo pic tv icon
YouTube Video

Solar Forum pic forum

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Panels Series - Parallel

Other Elements and Heater Tests

Other Enclosures Page

Solar Hybrid FAQ

Solar Hybrid Specs

Solar Forum pic forum

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Manufacturer Direct

Solar Space Heating Sys
Educational Project Idea

pic direct-solar-space-heating
· Heat a room or area directly with Solar PV
(this is now just for info)