Solar Hot Water Circulator Pumps and Systems

Started by electron, Mar 28, 2024, 11:20 PM

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I started looking into the possibility of making a solar hot water system, since the damn hot water heater really sucks a lot of power.

This is a good pump type for that type of system.

"Sid Solar Circulating Pump" SID stands for static-impeller driven, which means the pump contains an electronic driver or motor that has no moving parts but simply spins on a magnetic field. The magnetic field grasps the impeller and visibly spins it without any moving parts or seals. As a result, it's extremely long-lived without much power consumption. These pumps are completely brass and stainless steel, so they don't corrode. $215 ouch!

Need to find a better price.... If you find one let me know!

"High efficiency - typical start 1 watt"
"High temperature - 250�F fluid max."
"High pressure - 175 psi. max"

Good thing you can get them on eBay for $30 or $40 dollars US. I have the 12V 2.2A version and it will blast water across my yard a good 40 feet across level ground and then push that same water up 3 feet and into a 25 psi pressure fitting for an irrigation system...those little cheap pumps are pretty strong and they also have no moving parts and operate on a magnetic field.

Here's one for hot water

And another in general...the power of it all :)

Here's one for hot water
Wow! I was a little worried about a plastic pump like that not working on hot water, but he said it goes to 120C, that's 248F !!

That should do the job nicely. It might fit Pex piping too, which is what I would use so that I don't have to worry about freezing.

"Design Life 'MTBF' >15000 hrs (over 6.8 yrs @ average 6hrs per day) "

They mention "High Temperature Silicon Rubber Hose", can't find that in any local stores. I think Pex will do, it's made for hot water in houses.

I wonder how this one would hold up? It's only $13, free shipping.

I searched for "12V water pump".