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Portable Battery Charger

Started by MungamaineBoy, May 25, 2024, 09:09 PM

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One of the problems with living on a rural block is flat batteries in machinery and vehicles. Running power leads for battery chargers is usually a problem and jump starting a flat battery will damage it.

I have built a portable solar charger out of bits I had laying around as per the photos.

I used an old twin pram, an old house 190 watt solar panel, some batten strap offcuts, a charge controller, a set of jumper leads and a small section of copper pipe for the switch. The copper switch is used as the battery has to be connected before the solar panel.

It took about an hour to make and works great. When I want to limit the current for trickle charging, I put a towel over part of the panel.

As old twin prams are hard to find, I built another unit using 2 single prams tied together.