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Started by MungamaineBoy, May 25, 2024, 08:55 PM

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I want give some feedback on the TechLuck Solar Hot Water Booster that I
installed. It has been running for 9 years without any problems.

I was given a working Rheem Ecoboost that had been replaced by a gas
unit by a city based friend.

A week after going to the trouble of getting it installed, the control
board failed. Because I live in a remote area, Rheem did not want to
know about me.
I had been running it on the booster element as a normal water heater
with the resulting humungous power bill.

I received the Solar Hot Water Booster and developed a
I obtained 4 of secondhand 200watt panels rated at 24volts working,
30volts open circuit.

I scrounged a couple of old pool salt water chlorinators of varying
types. The pool shops have plenty of dead ones at the moment.
 From these I obtained...
An outdoor rated box with an aluminum plate across the back to use as a
heat sink.
Analogue Ampmeter. (Each division is actually 1.5 amps)
5 foot of heavy duty cable ( just the same length as is specified to
connect to the water heater).
Assorted useful bits and pieces.

I mounted the SHWB into a suitable chlorinator control box. I mounted an
Analogue Ampmeter where the digital display had been. To test that it
worked, I connected a 24v variable bench power supply to emulate a solar
panel and a bar heater to emulate a water heater. It looked good even
though the amps were very low.

I mounted the panels flat onto the roof.
I mounted the modified chlorinator box onto the side of the water heater.
I adjusted the thermostat up to 60C.
I connected it all up.

By 9am there was 91 volts across the element and 5amps flowing into it.
That is 455 watts even though there was a bit of cloud cover.