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Sodium-Ion Battery Info and Links

Started by electron, Mar 29, 2024, 01:11 AM

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Notes and links to get you started, use search to find the latest info, things are moving fast!

5/1/23 China's sodium-ion batteries to replace lithium batteries in EVs

4/22/23 The Sodium-Ion Battery Is Coming To Production Cars This Year
(has inside cell diagram - maybe)
"CATL said its sodium-ion batteries will be installed in the Chery iCAR due to go on sale by the end of this year" "BYD sources say its sodium-ion battery will also be in mass production in the second half of the year beginning with the Seagull" (Light-Duty Vehicles)

1/7/23 New sodium, aluminum battery aims to integrate renewables for grid resiliency

7/30/21 CATL Reveals Sodium-Ion Battery With 160 Wh/kg Energy Density
(LFP battery cells are about 200 Wh/kg)

Stationary Storage: ( solar and wind )

USA Company, CA  Introducing BlueTray 4000
"Natron's BlueTray 4000 in a standard 1U 19-inch rackmount configuration delivers 4kW at 48V DC over a 2-minute discharge with a 6kW peak power rating, recharges in 8-minutes, and can cycle >50,000 times. Based on Natron's core Prussian Blue battery technology, the Bluetray is UL listed and available for purchase. For complete product specifications see our brochure and specification sheet."

5/10/23 How Sodium-Ion Batteries May Challenge Lithium (covers most things)

50,000 = 137 years ! (full cycle once a day)

-29C (-4F) to 40C (104F)  Operating but survives to 50C (122F) see specs

Another Sodium Battery company just announced.

Anton/Bauer�s New Mobile Battery is First to Replace Lithium with Sodium


4,500 cycles is 12 years, I am sure they will be updating that spec, the Natron battery is way better.

Also the charge times are probably limited by the internal built in charger, I would think they will be updating that too.
Good Sodium Battery article "more than 10 companies announcing commercialization plans by 2024/25"


Scroll down for "Table 1 presents an overview of the major companies involved in Sodium-ion battery commercialization.", with Cell Performance and some dates.

Aug. 9, 2023� � Biwatt Launches Sodium-ion Battery Solution at WBE 2023� Empowering The Sodium-ion Industry, Co-building The Sodium-ion Ecosystem

Remember to look at Sodium Ion Battery info dated after 2023.
8/15/2023 "CATL M3P Battery is Sodium Ion Chemistry"

"CATL M3P battery is sodium-ion and not LMFP (manganese). This was in the CATL July 2023 Semi-annual report."More info and tests of high and low temperature and real vehicle tests, and superior fast charge and discharge performance.

08/31/2023 BIWATT has launched a full range of sodium-ion battery solutions for two-wheelers and low-speed EV, including three major platforms: 48V, 60V and 72V.

"One of the key factors contributing to the rise of SIBs is their remarkable high and low-temperature performance, making them suitable for a wide range of applications across various climates and environments."
YouTube videos on the subject
October 2023

August - September 2023
(do a search, sort by date)
Oct 4 2023
"Weight, and therefore energy density, is much less important in a stationary storage system. The fact that these batteries are less energy dense isn't really a big consideration for this application"

"A much more important consideration is the cost per unit energy that you're able to store and that is where sodium ion, we believe, will have a big advantage over lithium ion in the future"

(the temperature range should be mentioned since most of these installations are placed outside)

October 5, 2023 (about stationary battery storage, solar. wind)
"With a clear opportunity to ensure affordable energy, Peak Energy is moving fast to industrialize sodium-ion technology with a goal of lowering energy storage costs by up to 50%."
Operational temperature range is also a plus for sodium-ion. Think about the energy spent heating and cooling a large outdoor battery installation.
October 30, 2023  Study finds Tiamat Na-ion battery well-suited for high-power energy storage applications

"recent cell generations show improved cycle stability; the latest version cell achieves a cycle life of 3200 cycles at 2C charge and 5C discharge."

"The RS2E/Tiamat chemistry is based on a fluorophosphate Na3V2(PO4)2F3 (NVPF) cathode and hard carbon (HC) anode. Tiamat has introduced high-power cells in both cylindrical and prismatic cell formats. "

Specs so far seem to be Charge to 3.95V and power starts to flow at about 3.7V all the way down to 1.5V "cut off".
November 21, 2023 Northvolt (Sweden) sodium-ion battery validated at 160 Wh/kg

"It is based on a hard carbon anode and a Prussian White-based cathode�a variant of the inorganic colourant Berlin Blue"

Sodium-ion technology delivers the performance required to enable energy storage with longer duration than alternative battery chemistries, at a lower cost, thereby opening new pathways to deploying renewable power generation
2024 good news ! (January)

"two compact EVs" ... "electric car brand Yiwei" ... "brand Sehol from JAC and Volkswagen Anhui" ... "Jiangling Motors Electric Vehicle (JMEV), which is majority-owned by Renault"� ... "the sodium-ion batteries for Yiwei are sourced from Hina Battery" ... "Farasis Energy" ... "charging time of 3C to 4C charging (10% � 80% in 20 minutes). This allowed for a total range rating of 252 km for the E10X" (note: for EV's charging time is important and it helps fund the manufacturers of cells even though for Solar Stationary Energy Storage that's not a concern)

"one of the few companies in the world that have core patents and technologies for Na-ion batteries" ... "HiNa focuses on low-cost, long-life, high-safety and high-energy density Na-ion battery products"