Could You Run Your Well On Solar? Air Lift System

Started by electron, Mar 29, 2024, 01:05 AM

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Can you compress maybe 20 PSI with a continuous air compressor for maybe 5 hours at less than 100W ?

MATH: 5 hrs on solar at say only 0.5 GPM = 150 Gallons EVERY DAY !

Do you actually use that much water ?

This guy goes 380 feet and pumps up some dirt from the bottom, then pulls it up maybe 10 feet and it runs clean. See his other videos.

ALL EQUIPMENT IS UP TOP so you can fix it.

Why are you paying $10,000+ every 15 years to pull your pump up to fix it?

Search for Air Lift and find more.

Continuous air compressors are used for PONDS, so what are you waiting for? Do you like throwing away money? Plastic pipe doesn't rust !

And the less deep you go in the water, the less PSI you need.

Please watch a lot of the videos before you go poo-pooing this, people have been doing this since the 50's so get a clue.