Little Wireless Battery Capacity Digital Ah Meters REVIEW

Started by electron, Mar 29, 2024, 12:30 AM

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Two types tested:

The first meter I tested did not read amps both ways. It would only read when discharging. Volts and Amps were within reason. The shunt gets really hot at 80 amps. See ah-meter1.jpg PIC below.

The second one I tested does not read accurate amps. This is compared to measurements by a very nice and older Empro 100A 100 mV shut I used in series with this. The amps were off by more than 10A and would be worse when in discharge. Volts were within reason. It would show (-) negative amps on the display when charging! (yes, it would say "CHG") They got that totally backwards. The Amp Hours counter would sometimes count up when it should count down. The Watt Hour reading always incremented upwards, don't know how that would be useful. The display is nice but the little battery (battery capacity full/empty bars thing) reading was never right even after a week. The shunt gets really hot at only 80 amps. See ah-meter2.jpg PIC below.

Meter #1 details:
DC 0-120V 0-100A Volt Amp Ah Power Capacity Percent Battery Monitor Watt Meter $25.54
The shunt for this seems to be a 100A 75 mV type Seller:

Meter #2 details:    Model VAC-1200A
DC 120V 200A Wireless Volt Ammeter Power Meter battery Charge discharge capacity $22.88
The shunt for this seems to be a 200A 50 mV type Seller:

If the Ebay item number isn't valid here then search for the title.

Other titles: Wireless Digital DC Voltmeter Ammeter Power Meter Capacity Shunt Voltage Current Ah Capacity Meter Charge Discharge AGM LEAD ACID LiFePO4 Li-Ion Watt Meter Monitor Solar Battery Two-Way Multifunction Combo

Hi...i am a new user here. I have 2X220 Ah batteries. When they are fully charged the meter says 440 amp (Ah) or in percent it shows 100%. This functionality is very nice, but not necessary in this case. The meter in my boat is probably calibrated from the size of the batteries or something, I thought it was impossible to just measure how many Ah is left in a battery of any size, but maybe I'm wrong.   I just wonder if someone could push me in the right direction for a good way to see if the battery is charging, and even better, how much its charging/discharging. Could this be done with a normal ampermeter? Will that show how much is going out of the battery or how much is coming in from the charger?

Something like a battery monitor that uses a shunt would probably work. Go look on places like Ebay.