Can You Combine 24V and 12V Wind Turbines Into One System.

Started by electron, Mar 29, 2024, 12:20 AM

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Hi, I recently was able to acquire a new Windmax 1000w 24V turbine at a descent price.  I was oringally looking at setting up two Windmax 400w 12V turbines, but now I have the 1000w, can I still add the two 400w.  I'm thinking about putting the 1000 in the middle and a 400's on either side? I'm looking at the 400's because they are supposed to start in lower wind speeds compared to the 1000w, but seeing I got the 1000 at a descent price, I thought it would not hurt to stick it up in the air, but now wondering if I would have to buy components for both the voltages? Thanks in advance. LimeyEach wind turbine really needs it's own controller of some type. Wind turbines need to have a dump load for when your batteries are fully charged. The excess power needs to go somewhere and the load keeps the turbine from over speed.

If you can use a grid tie inverter, they make special wind rated inverters that have two extra terminals to connect a dump load.

In any case, I don't see a problem with one 400W turbine and it's controller connected to one battery of a 24V set that is two 12V batteries in series. As long as you understand one of them will have a "floating" ground.

If both 400W turbines get about the same wind, you will probably get a pretty even charge. But you will want to do a "equalizing" charge once and a while and keep an eye on the voltages of each battery just to make sure.

You will get better performance at 24V on your system (even solar) so if you can, I would stick with that.

If you can buy the smaller turbines you want in a 24V model, that would probably save you the hassle of watching your system all the time.

Most 12V turbines will put out 24V if they are not regulated, they just spin faster, which might not be good for your blades and would probably exceed what they are designed to do but it is possible.