60A EPpsolar charge controller reading 0.00A for current above 30A

Started by electron, Mar 29, 2024, 12:12 AM

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Hello guys,
Please I have installed a 60A/24v MPPT charge controller, however I noticed that when the current from the panels (6 300w mono panels)reads between 0.5A to 9A, the charge displays on the charge controller, however when the value of the current rises to about 30A it doesn't read on the LCD on the charge controller, it reads 0.00A, but a multimeter reading from the panels shows it reads 32A. Please any one with experience on epsolar charge controller and any setting I need to adjust on controller?Have you been to the EPsolar site? They have some software updates that might fix it, the code on your unit may be old or may have become glitched. Their support dept has been helpful to me so maybe contact them after trying to update the software.

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