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Green Energy / Solar Hot Water Circulator Pum...
Last post by electron - Mar 28, 2024, 11:20 PM
I started looking into the possibility of making a solar hot water system, since the damn hot water heater really sucks a lot of power.

This is a good pump type for that type of system.

"Sid Solar Circulating Pump" SID stands for static-impeller driven, which means the pump contains an electronic driver or motor that has no moving parts but simply spins on a magnetic field. The magnetic field grasps the impeller and visibly spins it without any moving parts or seals. As a result, it's extremely long-lived without much power consumption. These pumps are completely brass and stainless steel, so they don't corrode. $215 ouch!

Need to find a better price.... If you find one let me know!

"High efficiency - typical start 1 watt"
"High temperature - 250�F fluid max."
"High pressure - 175 psi. max"

Good thing you can get them on eBay for $30 or $40 dollars US. I have the 12V 2.2A version and it will blast water across my yard a good 40 feet across level ground and then push that same water up 3 feet and into a 25 psi pressure fitting for an irrigation system...those little cheap pumps are pretty strong and they also have no moving parts and operate on a magnetic field.

Here's one for hot water

And another in general...the power of it all :)

Here's one for hot water
Wow! I was a little worried about a plastic pump like that not working on hot water, but he said it goes to 120C, that's 248F !!

That should do the job nicely. It might fit Pex piping too, which is what I would use so that I don't have to worry about freezing.

"Design Life 'MTBF' >15000 hrs (over 6.8 yrs @ average 6hrs per day) "

They mention "High Temperature Silicon Rubber Hose", can't find that in any local stores. I think Pex will do, it's made for hot water in houses.

I wonder how this one would hold up? It's only $13, free shipping.

I searched for "12V water pump".
Green Energy / The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Con...
Last post by electron - Mar 28, 2024, 11:14 PM
Check it out on the home page !

And the FAQ:

The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller can save money on your power bill by supplementing the power usage with FREE solar energy.

No pumps, pipes, freezing or re-plumbing to worry about, just two simple wires! No need to drain the tank.

Only minor modifications are needed for most standard water heaters, simple wiring modifications. NO HEATING ELEMENT CHANGES NEEDED. Changes are reversible.

(more info on the home page)

Video of it in operation:

Good idea. This could come in handy when the grid is out. Does it come with a panel too?We can consider this as a good source of information by saving electric power. Actually, solar hybrid hot water controller can give some benefits to the users. Also solar hybrid, can give some attraction to the users, because it contains of high consequences. Good idea. This could come in handy when the grid is out. Does it come with a panel too?

You can pick up solar panels at good prices from:

Don't forget to search with

The prices change all the time depending on what they get in, they also sell out quick at these prices.

For example, has some panels for 66c a watt at quantity one as of this posting, but that can change if they sell out, others are 70c/W. Shipping is also a factor since they are so large they come by truck in most cases, so check that before you buy of course.

By doing all this yourself you can really save compared to all the work, cost and plumbing needed for a fluid based hot water system, "solar thermal" they call it.

You are looking at something around $700 for a complete solar hot water system which is not bad at all.
Re: The Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller !

I am considering going off grid with this on a smaller water heater, will try it out.
Hello Guys ............I am Fabion .
I have a Soalr panel System in my home .Its working is so good and it produced electricity free of cost .
I also want to watch this controller system but How ???

Green Energy / Solar Energy
Last post by electron - Mar 28, 2024, 10:55 PM
Solar energy is a renewable and free source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels which are finite, solar energy is sustainable as it is not inexhaustible. It is also a non-polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity.Hi..
I agree tyson..

We can harness the power of sun which is unlimited and use that energy to fulfill our needs. That energy is solar energy. Electricity which is one of the most important and demanding need of our day to day life could also be generated with the help of solar energy. That's why converting the solar power into electricity is high on the political agenda in many countries. It is the domestic energy which is non-polluting unlike the fossil fuels.
people are talking about solar energy, no one say about solar cell, and other solar equipments which are more expensive.Going solar has been simplified by use of a small low cost Grid Tie Inverter (GTI).

No batteries are needed which eliminates all the maintenance hassles and lifetime limits that come with batteries.

The small, inexpensive Ebay purchased GTIs ("Power Jack" is one company) are easy to set up. It's just two wires to connect and then you simply plug it in to any wall outlet.

The best one to start with is the 300W model. Some call it a 250W, like the "Sun 250W GTI". They are mostly all the same.

You can add more solar panels and expand as you wish. Adding, "stacking" more and more 300W GTIs as you go. Search YouTube for lots of videos of people doing this.

There are electrical limits you should be aware of just like any plug in appliance, you can't overload your house circuits. So just be aware of that when approaching 1000W output.

A number of people have installed a dedicated electrical circuit for solar panel systems that are 1000W and over, just to be safe.

The small GTI's are configured and built just like any normal off the shelf AC power inverter or even like a PC Power Supply, they come in a metal box with a heat sink and a temperature controlled fan. The internal CPU keeps it from overloading or putting out power when the grid is down.

They are fused for safety on both the AC side and the DC solar input side and include a ground lug for further protective grounding if you like.

Once you hook it up you can forget about it. Every day it will come on in the morning and start producing power, then turn off at night. It will supplement the electrical grid power you use all the time, lowering your electric bill.

Larger systems can turn your power meter backwards, accumulating power "credits" for later use.

Nothing could be easier!

If you are willing to do a little weekend work by mounting your own panels, solar panels have been seen selling for as little as 75 cents per watt! (at the time of this post)

Check out

For some of the best prices I've seen yet!
Solar energy is a renewable and free source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels which are finite, solar energy is sustainable as it is not inexhaustible. It is also a non-polluting source of energy and it does not emit any greenhouse gases when producing electricity.[/quote]

Green Energy / My Tesla Powerwall Is Here! 7....
Last post by electron - Mar 28, 2024, 10:52 PM
My version of the Tesla Powerwall using Nissan Leaf (EV car) Batteries.

I posted this video on 02/26/2016 and about a week later I added 3 more "modules" so I am currently at 9 KWh (which is about 6.7 KWh out of the inverter AC plug). This is enough for a typical night running lights and computers and the fridge etc...

I have had NO BALANCING problems at all! Look at the way they are connected, you will see a lot of parallel cell connections and also I only have 6 cells in series for "24V", the less cells in series the less balancing problems! Plus they were all manufactured at the same time and same chemicals.


YouTube Video Description:

Published on Feb 26, 2016
MORE DETAILS: First thing you should do is solar power your hot water heater because it is the #2 thing in the house that pulls BIG power and you can do it more direct without inverters or batteries see:

Your water heater is like a 6 KWh heat battery that you pay to charge every day! And it's already installed! Why not put it on solar the easy way?

With the Li-Ion batteries there's no more battery acid checking or fumes and takes up less space. They can be partly charged with no problems.

To get an idea of the size of these, it's about 3 car batteries in that same space of the 3 stacks.

My "wall" has more configuring to be done with things that give me power in the daytime. The batteries are just for night and are just one system. So stay tuned! (please subscribe)

Note that a actual Tesla Powerwall is just the battery and is high voltage of around 350V. You need to add a special inverter which is generally 2000W with other features like grid switch over which you can DIY if you have some electrical skills. My system is 24V and uses a standard pure sine wave inverter and 24V charge controllers (modified, see below).

If you are worried about a BMS and balancing the batteries, remember they are mostly in parallel, not a big string all in series. I have been monitoring them and so far they are OK. I can easily bottom balance them if needed. See how they are connected in the video.

The Ford Fusion hybrid battery looks promising for easy DIY, it has easy to use screw terminals also. Check out these videos:

See this also:  Hyundai Sonata Hybrid battery

My Nissan Leaf Battery modules were purchased from:
Hybrid Auto Center, Las Vegas, NV

Everyone is doing this now and for many reasons, see this video about home batteries and a new battery type near the end:

Details on how I modified those little low cost charge controllers:

Screwdriver puncture, torch test, NOTHING HAPPENS!
Flat batteries just outgas:

easy to figure out.
4.2V is full charge
2.5V is dead and do not go below or over those voltages or DAMAGE!

Solar Powered Off Grid Free Energy PV EV Li-Ion DIY Smart Meter Grid Tie Inverter Explanation Solar Hot Water Heating powerwall home improvement prepper rv cabin energy generator clean

Green Energy / HOWTO: Convert a 4 ft Floresce...
Last post by electron - Mar 28, 2024, 10:49 PM
"wranglepuss" posted a great video showing how he converted his 4 ft kitchen florescent fixture light to LEDs. Doesn't look that hard to do and saves a lot of power!

thank YouI can't tell the difference between them besides the price.

One has UV12AS, and the other has 385nm. But I know nothing about UV LED Lights so I don't know what that means.

Can someone explain it to me? Also - are there any other differences between the lights? :(If you get parts made for your car or basically plug it in and it works, you should have no future problems.
Green Energy / 12V / 24V 20 / 60 Amp Solar Ch...
Last post by electron - Mar 28, 2024, 10:46 PM
I found this simple charge controller circuit schematic diagram. There's room in there for improvement, and is simple enough to add to or change things.

Some mods to make it go up to 60A
Here's another one based on the NE555 timer IC. It uses a relay so you can just pick a amperage for the relay and that's what it handles. It can also switch to a dump load.

You could use a transistor instead of the mosfet to switch the relay coil.

You may be able to just switch a mosfet on instead of a relay like they did in the previous schematic and use this 555 circuit to do the rest.

Lots of possibilities.

On Ebay the prices of these little 12/24 CMP controllers is so low it may not be worth building one yourself and they can be modified.

Green Energy / Welcome to SMF!
Last post by Simple Machines - Mar 26, 2024, 09:16 PM
Welcome to Simple Machines Forum!

We hope you enjoy using your forum.  If you have any problems, please feel free to ask us for assistance.

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