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Quick solar mounts for possible emergency setup or other reasons (Read 6855 times)
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Quick solar mounts for possible emergency setup or other reasons
Feb 23rd, 2017 at 11:48pm
So it's summer, the sun is straight up and it's 110F outside (like death is coming and all your tools burn your hands) but you got some 300W panels just sitting in the garage and you want them out there so you can start using FREE POWER NOW.

Or it's an emergency and you want to lend some panels to a friend without power for a temporary time.

That's the excuses. You can laugh if you want but it worked. In winter it's not great but by late February the sun angle isn't too bad and they start to produce OK. Panels are cheap now so throw MORE of them out there and get what you can out of them as soon as possible. Power prices are not going down.

So now you can go out and work on the real mounts as the weather permits and at your own pace. No rush, a little at a time is OK now. It took all of a half hour to get them out there the first time, no big project and power started coming in that day.

The wind will NOT pick them up since they are laying flat and the bricks are low enough to prevent shadows. The wire used was old spare solid #12, simply twist it like fence wire.

The one drawback is that rain will splash light dirt particles up onto the panels and it will collect there. Easily swept off or squeegeed off with a little water. If you look close you can see the dirt build up. If this was a grass yard or patio....

If you have kids this is NOT a good idea since it's easily stepped on but generally the glass is like car windows and shatters into bits.

The "poles" you see are 10ft electrical EMT conduit from Home Depot. The finished mount will be a "A-frame" type of thing with some superstrut and EMT clamps holding up the back side of the panels at an angle and those same bricks holding down the front and some more bricks in back on top of another 10ft EMT on the ground behind. Basically picture one of the "poles" you see up in the air and the panels at an angle to the sun.

NOTE: I have a 6ft brick wall about 15 feet BEHIND these panels (A-frame) so the wind gets blown UPWARDS mostly and sort of broken up when coming in from the back side. We get 60+ mph winds a lot here and when blowing to the front it pushes the panels DOWN to the ground so that has not been a problem. No wall to the front side, open land.

There are actually 3 holes drilled at each end of the panels if you look in the first pic and before raising the panels for the A-frame I "strap" all 3 spots, not just the middle one like in the 2nd pic, that is temporary but quick for when they are laying flat and just to get them out there fast.

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