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Community Solar - Big Software Systems Are Now Available! (Read 4439 times)
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Community Solar - Big Software Systems Are Now Available!
Aug 9th, 2016 at 10:50pm
I found this interesting.

Community Solar is a way for people to go solar without putting panels on their roof. Like people in apartments. They can save money on their power bill by sharing in a big solar "farm" that is located in a empty field located somewhere else.

Utilities are being pushed to allow this and fifteen states have now passed community solar legislation.

But you can imagine how hard it would be to keep track of everyone's usage and adding and removing people from a system like that. Plus you would need to work with the Utility somehow.

It looks like there are companies that have been working on that solution for years now and it really makes things much easier.

One company is http://www.communitysolarplatform.com/

I am really impressed with their system, everything the customer does is online, making it easy to manage. And it looks like they have been around long enough to have worked out most bugs at this point.

I think Community Solar is a great idea to promote more solar usage across the country!
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