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Solar NON Impact On Utilities Hawaii Is Leading Example Plus Batteries (Read 3949 times)
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Solar NON Impact On Utilities Hawaii Is Leading Example Plus Batteries
Jan 31st, 2016 at 11:43am
This is a good article and worth reading, it includes info on what is happening in Hawaii and some studies done on Battery prices. Also a study on system size for off grid. Some parts are quoted below:

"Hawaii Electric Co., popularly known as HECO, in response to a rapid rise of residential solar installations, stopped approving applications for new installations in certain areas. As a result, a backlog of thousands of applications piled up."

"the state utility commission recently ordered HECO to process the applications" ( after finding that the grid could actually handle the measly 12% rooftop solar, over reacting or greed? )

"Has the advancement of the electric vehicle (EV) industry driven down the cost of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries to the point that homeowners and businesses will combine them with similarly cheap solar panels to become electrically self-reliant? Perhaps leaving the grid in droves?" YES !!!

"In the end, the Sydney researchers concluded that for a solar panel and battery system to be large enough to be a home’s sole source of electricity, it would have to contain lots of extra panels and batteries that would rarely get used."

( and little do they understand the DIY guys )

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