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HELP HELP HELP !! Please give a some time to this, we need info to fight with! (Read 2592 times)
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HELP HELP HELP !! Please give a some time to this, we need info to fight with!
Dec 6th, 2015 at 5:37pm
This is the fight, Solar vs. Power Companies !

The Power Company hates Solar! They will put on a good front but behind the scenes they are running scared!

Now they want to charge solar people a "demand charge" of $50 a mo. in one Arizona town and other States are attempting to copy that like CA and NV.

They are trying to shut down individual home based solar!

Please help find info, post links, find text of court cases, post more links, post updates & news, do what you can.

Put the info together into example letters that people can send to their Public Utility Commissions, Legislators, Congress, and other Government officials.

Please help find local groups in your area and other areas and lets get them all together or at least communicating. Post links so they are easier to find.

We need more online public INTERACTIVE action on this.

To get you started, here's a list of groups that I found, backed by the Solar Installation Industry, and below are some of the company names. Links where I could find them:

The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC)
They have taken on many issues and Lawsuit Cases in 2015
Online Action Group:

Note that Solar City has left TASC for the newly formed EFCA.

Energy Freedom Coalition of America
They represent solar companies including SolarCity, Silevo Solar and Zep Solar.
Online Action Group:

Solar Energy Industries Association
Online Action Group:

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