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HOWTO: Reset KWh and Time Counters on a SUN-1000G Grid Tie Inverter (Read 4839 times)
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HOWTO: Reset KWh and Time Counters on a SUN-1000G Grid Tie Inverter
Oct 14th, 2015 at 12:16am
How to reset the KWh and "Time" counter on a SUN-1000G Grid Tie Inverter DC 45V to 90V

I recently purchased the LCD display DC 45V to 90V model which works great in PARALLEL with the Solar Hybrid Hot Water Controller with 2 panels in series, in my case 500W.

The GTI will "back off" when the water is heating and not "fight" with the SHWC, then when the thermostat clicks off it will take the leftover power from the solar panels! Works out nicely to get a few more watts from my panels.

You CAN'T do this with 3 panels in series as the open voltage is too high but you can do it with with two more panels in series/parallel and a diode (with heat sink) so that the GTIs power increases when not heating water, meaning the two SHWC panels come into play automatically. I may post more about that later but use a diode of at least 100V and 10A on a heat sink of some kind to feed the GTI from the SHWC panels in parallel with the other two. Confused? You might want to wait for a drawing if I ever get to it if you don't understand how a diode works.

You cannot parallel two more panels on the SHWC and get more heat, it doesn't work that way but we can GTI two panels all day and then the other two will kick in THROUGH the diode which makes it worth buying the 1000W GTI. The GTI seems to max at 950W but has a big heat sink and is built well including 2 fans and a "external" temp sensor screwed to the heat sink unlike the older models.

TO RESET: On the SUN-1000G with a LCD there is a counter display for total KWh produced and total time run besides the normal Watts/Volts/Amps display.

To reset that counter there is a "hidden" button underneath the LCD front cover, the black plastic where the buttons are.

You can feel a hole that is about 1/4" under the plastic if you push gently with your finger between the "down" button and the "light" button. It's aligned like another button would be in that spot. No need to remove the cover.

WITH THE UNIT UNPLUGGED, you can physically center on that location with something pointed and non metallic like a toothpick and push through the plastic, you may need to use a few toothpicks as they will lose their sharpness, have patience and be gentle.

The switch is a little way inside straight back, you will feel it click like the other buttons.

Now, with the AC power plugged in, use the normal buttons to get to the KWh display, and again using a NON METALLIC toothpick, hold the "reset" button down for 5 seconds and the display will blink.

Now hit the "light" button and it will reset the display to zero.

Do this same thing for the "time" counter display and you are all reset!

I suggested to the manufacturer to make it simply a "hold the up button for 5 seconds" type of reset, maybe they will take my suggestion. I wouldn't hold my breath.

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