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Cardiff University UK builds low cost energy positive house (Read 3776 times)
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Cardiff University UK builds low cost energy positive house
Jul 19th, 2015 at 1:32pm
(Youtube video below)

My comments: Anyone can do this now with current technology. Using a grid tie you can be energy positive most of the year for a pretty low price. The problem we are now running into is the power companies don't like the idea and are fighting tooth and nail to keep burning natural resources.

They really don't need batteries if this is a grid connected home and grid ties are allowed.

Also note they do not talk about wind energy being possible depending on the location.

Part of the article:

With immaculate timing, a team at Cardiff University has proven once again that MPs regularly overestimate their expertise. The three-bedroom house pictured above cost £125,000 to build, and generates £175 in surplus electricity exports for every £100 on electricity used.

That’s an impressive statistic, but the real clincher is the cost of the house. At £1,000 per square metre, it narrowly squeezes into the price range for social housing, which is currently set between £800 to £1,000 per square metre. This could drop even lower if a number of houses were built at the same time and, according to project lead Professor Phil Jones, would potentially slash the overall cost by 20%.

How does the house accomplish its energy-saving feats? With a combination of photovoltaic – that’s solar, to you and me – panels and battery storage. These run the heating, ventilation and hot-water systems, in addition to the main electrics that power all appliances, LED lighting and a heat pump. 

“We save money and space by making the roof itself of photovoltaic panels and by dispensing with radiators and making the air collector part of the wall,” explains Professor Jones.


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