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DC Watt Meter Has 100A Shunt - Uses and Misc (Read 7213 times)
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Re: DC Watt Meter Has 100A Shunt - Uses and Misc
Reply #1 - Mar 9th, 2016 at 7:17am
Thanks for sharing this useful information here. I want to know about the specifications of your wattmeter?
What is there inside due to which it is possible to measure the power by connecting it with the multimeter?
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DC Watt Meter Has 100A Shunt - Uses and Misc
Feb 3rd, 2015 at 4:44am
These little DC Watt Meters are about $15 on ebay.
(pic below)

They work well but if you ever go over 60V, even a short spike, you will blow them so beware, such as putting them on the solar panel side of your system, lots of on and off pulses going on there and it can spike over 60V.

But if you do blow one, it still has a 100A shunt in it and can still be used with a free (with coupon - search Google) Harbor Freight Volt Meter set to the 200 mV setting.

Also on these meters the RED wire is a feed through and really is there just to power the meter, so you can hook that to a switch and reset the figures it collects, while running another straight RED wire for your circuit. Meaning (+) doesn't have to go through that meter, it senses the amps on the (-) side only.

Here's a YouTube video showing a use:


Here's the YouTube video I posted about this:

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