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CEO of big Power Co. Resigns Without Severance Over Smart Meters! (Read 4864 times)
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CEO of big Power Co. Resigns Without Severance Over Smart Meters!
Oct 31st, 2014 at 11:19pm
SaskPower CEO resigns following investigation into smart meter “catastrophe”

"The primary issue of catastrophic meter failures which prompted the AMI program to be halted was not identified as an initial program risk.  When additional information about smart meter fires from other sources came to light, the risk of catastrophic meter failures did not prompt an independent reevaluation of the risk related to Sensus smart meters."

Additional key findings:

    * Moisture and contaminants getting inside the meters were a major factor in the meter fires.
    * There is no evidence to indicate the fires were the result of improper installation or hot sockets.
    * SaskPower did not adequately consider the potential for significant meter failures resulting in damage to homes.

THE IMPORTANT PART is where they lied to everyone up to this point and WHAT IS YOUR POWER COMPANY NOW DOING ABOUT THIS?

Jack Ritenburg, an electrical engineer and head of Ritenburg & Associates concluded that moisture and contaminants inside the meters was the cause of the smart meter fires.  He also concluded that “water intrusion due to holes in meter boxes, ‘hot socket’ conditions in the meter box and over voltage in the distribution system” or other “external factors” were not the cause of the fires as previously claimed by the manufacturer:

More here:

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