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The CO2 thing is a big lie, and they know it! (Read 4951 times)
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The CO2 thing is a big lie, and they know it!
Aug 13th, 2013 at 4:35am
I wonder if anyone did a study on if trees grow more with more CO2?

If they do get bigger to compensate then CO2 is not the big problem the media and people like Obama and Al Gore say.

Not that it's a good idea to pollute the air, but they are making CO2 into some sort of money making venture and saying it's bad to make people scared and make money.


All people have to do is google it, there are lots of links. On top of that. it's a complete lie and "they" know it, so people should be steaming mad at this obvious lie.

It just makes sense that the trees would like more CO2 and would start to compensate, which means they make more O2 and balance the planet. No need for carbon credits!

As for the rest of the crap coal plants spew into the air, I am all for filtering that out, or getting rid of as much coal power production as possible using solar and wind.

"Forests in the northern hemisphere could be growing faster now than they were 200 years ago as a result of climate change, according to a study of trees in eastern America."

"The trees appear to have accelerated growth rates due to longer growing seasons and higher concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Scientists have documented the changes to the growth of 55 plots of mixed hardwood forest over a period of 22 years, and have concluded that they are probably growing faster now than they have done at any time in the past 225 years the age of the oldest trees in the study."
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