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Power Companies Are Shutting Down Solar Grid Tie Systems! Electric Cars? (Read 5099 times)
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Power Companies Are Shutting Down Solar Grid Tie Systems! Electric Cars?
Aug 10th, 2013 at 7:58pm
I am starting to hear reports about power companies starting to restrict new solar grid tie installs, and also reducing the rate they pay people for solar power they supply.

We knew this was coming, but this soon? I guess the low solar panel prices are really having an impact on the power company's bottom line profit!

The power companies have no foresight, they only operate under the greed/profit system.

What about electric cars? Remember when they were telling us the grid can't handle them?

Home solar grid tie systems can distribute the power generation and decentralize the main point where power is created taking the load off of the big central plants (decentralizing scares the heck out of power company CEOs, they lose control).

So cutting grid tie systems back is a bad, bad idea if we are looking for a clean and big oil free future using electric cars.

Here's some examples, use google news and you will find more:

"Three Louisiana utility companies have invoked a little-known rule so they can stop offering net-metering, a key benefit for solar customers across the state"


"In Arizona, for example, the country�s second-largest solar market, the state�s largest utility is pressuring the Arizona Corporation Commission, which sets utility rates, to reconsider a generous residential credit and impose new fees on customers, months after the agency eliminated a commercial solar incentive. In North Carolina, Duke Energy is pushing to institute a new set of charges for solar customers as well."

A New York Times story showed how utilities in most of the 43 states that offer solar incentives are pushing back against net metering.

If your power company is going this way, please start getting active and have PUC's change their rules and get your legislature to enact laws to make sure solar power moves forward!

Is your power company getting stupid too? Please post any relevant info and articles here.
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