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Roomba iRobot takes almost 3 KWh a month just sitting there! (Read 4256 times)
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Roomba iRobot takes almost 3 KWh a month just sitting there!
May 5th, 2013 at 5:26am
I got a super deal I couldn't pass up on a iRobot Roomba (older model) and of course I had to connect my Kill-A-Watt to it.

Even when fully charged it still pulls about 4W ! = 96 Wh / day = 2.9 KWh / month!

It has a nice little switching power supply so it should be pretty efficient but for some reason it's always pulling about 100 mA at the output of the power supply, I measured it with my meter.

100 mA at about 22V = 2.2W

So the power supply is adding about another 2W to that.

I know it doesn't seem like very much, but it's 24/7 and that adds up over time.

The nice thing is the little LED on the power switch tells you when it's charged so you can flip off a power strip.

It's a interesting idea and it seems to pick up a lot of dirt but you have to watch out what you leave lying on the floor! It loves to get tangled on any small wires you might have laying around, like I have a indoor - outdoor thermostat that has a small wire so I had to move that.

A little more technical info, the power supply is 22V DC at 1.25A but I was able to get the charger to operate with a input from 17V to 25V (didn't push it any farther) so it might be possible to use other power supplies with it, like a old laptop supply from 21V to 24V DC might be OK, I know it doesn't do a full charge below about 20V, the light never turns green but the battery does come up and is usable but is not fully charged. I would stick to switching power supplies like the laptop type so the DC is well regulated. Center pin is positive (+).
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