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Nevada must give a Smart Meter that reads both ways for SOLAR (Read 6093 times)
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Nevada must give a Smart Meter that reads both ways for SOLAR
Feb 22nd, 2013 at 6:14pm
Find out if your State has this type of legislation!

"energy meter that is capable of registering the flow of electricity in two directions"

1. A utility shall offer net metering, as set forth in NRS 704.775, to the customer-generators operating within its service area.

Nevada Revised Statutes Section 704.773 - Energy - Public Utilities   <<
STARTS HERE 773 then 774 and 775

COMMENT: "meet" does not mean CERTIFIED or APPROVED or "LISTED" !!!!!!
COMMENT: All GTI's available do "anti islanding" that everyone is so worried about, it just makes sense anyway, also all are less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion (dirty power, the only other worry).

1. A net metering system used by a customer-generator must
********** meet ********** all applicable safety
and power quality standards established by:

(a) The National Electrical Code;

(b) Underwriters Laboratories Inc.; and

(c) The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

2. A customer-generator whose net metering system ******* meets *******  such
safety and
quality standards must not be required by the utility to:

(a) Comply with additional standards or requirements;

(b) Perform additional tests;

(c) Install additional controls; or

(d) Purchase additional liability insurance,

arising solely from his status as a customer-generator.

Also see:

Shall not charge a customer-generator any fee or charge that would increase the customer-generator's minimum monthly charge to an amount greater than that of other customers of the utility in the same rate class as the customer-generator.
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