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Using your car as a portable generator with mobile gas tank (Read 7383 times)
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Re: Using your car as a portable generator with mobile gas tank
Reply #1 - Dec 15th, 2014 at 8:13am
Ive always wondered why there hasn't been more focus on ways to utilize vehicles as generators. Seems like simple solution for small power needs in certain situations
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Using your car as a portable generator with mobile gas tank
Jan 24th, 2013 at 10:30pm
Your car alternator is a great little 30A generator. It can generate 30A at idle easily.

It has a mobile gas tank attached! Think of it as your little portable generating station.

Have some long #10 or better spare wire or extension cord ready that can reach from where you can park your car to your main battery bank. Even if you have to drive it up into the yard, it's an emergency, right?

You can use jumper cables to connect the wires to the battery terminals easier. Most good jumper cables are #8 wire size. You can wrap the end clamps with bubble wrap, cardboard, grocery store bag or anything that will insulate and then drop them on the ground. You can use a long twist tie to hold the plastic in place, you do save those right?

You really only need to insulate one clamp so it doesn't accidentally contact the other one, usually the RED positive one.

Try to put it in a place where no one will trip over it and you can start charging your main backup batteries from the car, keeping an eye on the voltage or possibly the car's amp gauge if you have one to tell if it is charged or not.

A car alternator will generally drop voltage when the battery is charged up, so watch for that.

If you plan ahead, buy a amp meter and a DC breaker or possibly a fuse holder (with spare fuses) now for this reason to make things easier.
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