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Nevada Legislation Forces the Power Co to Give You Two Way Meter! (Read 7573 times)
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Nevada Legislation Forces the Power Co to Give You Two Way Meter!
Apr 10th, 2012 at 9:04am
"Standards; utility prohibited from requiring certain customer-generators to meet additional requirements."


REMEMBER: The INTENT of legislation is just as important as the legislation itself.

And the intent of this legislation is to allow everyone to go green and put up solar and wind generation at their house and to make it easy to do so without jumping through hoops at the power company, who always wants to make it hard for us to generate our own energy.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THIS TYPE OF LEGISLATION IN YOUR STATE - GET ON IT!!! Send this as an example to your representative at the legislature and get the ball rolling. It only takes a e-mail and some follow up to do this!

Selected parts with my comments
in green
below, please do not treat this as legal advice, I am just commenting, blah, blah...

"Nevada Revised Statutes Section 704.775 - Energy - Public Utilities"

"certain excess electricity fed back to utility deemed electricity generated or acquired from renewable energy system"

1. A net metering system used by a customer-generator must meet all applicable safety and power quality standards established by:

(a) The National Electrical Code;

(b) Underwriters Laboratories Inc.; and

(c) The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

2. A customer-generator whose net metering system meets such safety and quality standards must not be required by the utility to:

(a) Comply with additional standards or requirements;

(b) Perform additional tests;

(c) Install additional controls; or

(d) Purchase additional liability insurance, arising solely from his status as a customer-generator.

National Electrical Code is NEC and it deals mainly with electrical safety, like did you wire the thing right?

Small Grid Tie Inverters plug in and use already existing approved wiring, so no problem here.

"power quality standards" are simple, most small Grid Tie Inveters put out less than 5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) which is way less than a hair dryer does.

It does not say "APPROVED BY" or "CERTIFIED BY" above does it? No, UL approval or certification is not needed. Just "system meets such" standards, which they do, it has a fuse and plugs in like any other appliance. You have to read this stuff carefully....

And it doesn't say you have to get inspected, fill out forms or kiss ass, as a matter of fact it prevents them from making you jump through ANY hoops "must not be required by the utility to:"....

In the other section it says they have to give you a meter that goes both ways if you are a customer-generator.

Are they going to tell you otherwise? YES. Will you stand your ground? I hope so.

Never believe what the power company says, go look up the legislation.


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