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How to find the SUN position for any time of year (Read 5018 times)
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How to find the SUN position for any time of year
Nov 25th, 2011 at 5:51am
You can always check on

(you need to be set in your zip code)

Find the link to "View the Full Star Chart!" under where they show the moon stuff.

It will show you the sun location for any time of year.

Once you are viewing the "Interactive Star Chart", you want to un-check "Constellations" and "Constellation Names" in the right hand side box and select a date and time when the sun is up.

The sun is the yellow ball of course. The chart is like you looking straight up (default setting).

You can also use the wunderground site to check your local sun energy output at different times of the year.

On that main page, scroll down to the list of local stations and find one near you that has the "Solar Radiation" shown. It's usually under the "Rainfall Rate" chart. Not all stations have this feature so you may have to try a few.

At the top you will find where you can set the date. You can also set "Weekly" and "monthly" to see a average over more time.

You can also get an idea of how often it rains and the wind direction and speed for a whole year.

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