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Feasiblity study (Read 5434 times)
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Feasiblity study
Nov 10th, 2011 at 9:39pm

So I am in the early stages of figuring out if I can build my own Solar Electric system. Unfortunately money is a limitation so I will be doing as much of the design, assembly, and installation as I can on my own. That will include building my own panels.

I would like to save on my electric bill but I also see the grid as becoming increasingly unreliable as demand grows. Is it possible to build a grid-tie system that can also act as a household UPS? I've never heard of such a thing myself so I am curious if it has been done.

According to my electric bill my highest monthly usage in the last year was approximately 1000 KWH. How large of a system would it take to match that? Is matching that demand actually a good idea? I'm not real sure on the design parameters that should be considered.

Since I am pretty much completely clueless and just dipping my toe in the water at this point I would also appreciate any recommendations for good information and parts sources.

I live in the desert Southwest, so availability of sunlight is not an issue.
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