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Man Saves His Neighbors from Smart Meters (Read 6861 times)
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Re: Man Saves His Neighbors from Smart Meters
Reply #1 - Nov 5th, 2011 at 3:19am
This installer, in my mind, was deliberately ignoring checking the delay list until I intervened.  He was installing meters without checking to see if owners etc. were on the delay list.  Can PG&E do this?  They are doing it.  We saw this with our own eyes today.
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Man Saves His Neighbors from Smart Meters
Sep 17th, 2011 at 6:25pm
"If you put that smart meter on, it could kill him.  You can punch me out but I will fight you.”  (I am a 64 hear old heart patient myself)  The installer pulled out the pin of the slot at the bottom of the meter and reached to pull the meter off and I pushed his hand away.  He said, “Don’t you touch me” and reached for the meter again.  I lightly brushed his arm away and he said, “Don’t touch me.”  I replied, “You can’t do this.  These people are on the delay list.” He then stopped, checked his hand held device and found that they were in fact on the delay list.  He then put a new clip on their meter to replace the one he had removed."

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