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Public Grills Power Utility Execs at CA PUC Meeting (Read 4704 times)
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Public Grills Power Utility Execs at CA PUC Meeting
Sep 17th, 2011 at 5:43pm
"as part of an “opt out” judicial proceeding at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) the public had a chance to pose tough questions to a panel of utility and “smart” meter  supplier executives, who responded at times by giving false information, vague, tight lipped reassurances, often refusing to answer relevant questions about the power of wireless radiation being emitted by the meters. The judge refused to allow expert medical testimony or public comment on the record or any questions regarding widespread health effects of the pulsing meters."

"The judge attempted to rule out questions about “why” the opt out was necessary in the first place, requiring that the discussion focus on “how” various opt out proposals would be structured.  Without addressing the reasons behind the widespread opposition to the smart meter program (largely due to adverse health effects) it quickly became apparent that it would be difficult to identify a solution."

"Stop Smart Meters! Director Joshua Hart asked PG&E and Silver Spring Networks how they were complying with FCC regulations that state that “all persons must be kept at least 20cm from the meters” and that meters “must not be co-located.”  Silver Spring Networks replied that it was up to PG&E to ensure that FCC requirements were being met."

"Later in the afternoon, Silver Spring Networks executives  admitted that the SmartMeters are transmitting continuously 24/7.  Even though the meters only upload usage information 6 times per day to PG&E, the meters are continuously ‘chatting’ with each other 24/7 every few seconds in order to authenticate and keep the network synchronized.  From their comments, it appears that potentially 90% of the meter chatter has nothing to do with uploading data to PG&E, it is chatter to keep the network synched up – radiation that has nothing to do with customer energy use.   It now appears likely that much of the radiation that is making people sick is simply to maintain the mesh wireless network itself.

Yesterday, PG&E also confirmed that the individual home SmartMeter data is NOT used on a real-time basis for predicting power generation.  The PG&E substations are what communicate the power needs on a real time basis.  They also confirmed that turning off every wireless SmartMeter transmission would have zero impact on how the smart grid functions on a daily basis.

According to PG&E, the SmartMeter time-of-use data is analyzed later (sometimes months later) to make more accurate and precise power generation predictions, but the real-time nature of this data is not used in anyway by PG&E for operating the “smart” grid.  In fact, the individual SmartMeter data is only uploaded 6 times per day to PG&E, and usually many hours after the power is used.  So according to PG&E, the individual SmartMeters are completely unnecessary for communicating real time data and running the “smart” grid."

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