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"Smart" Meter Opponents Cry Foul on Charging Plan (Read 4169 times)
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"Smart" Meter Opponents Cry Foul on Charging Plan
Sep 17th, 2011 at 5:31pm
"An alliance of environmental health groups, disability rights organizations, and elected officials from throughout California".... "call for a halt to ‘smart’ meter deployment, a free and fair “opt out” plan that is not discriminatory against people suffering from electrosensitivity, and respects legal rights of local jurisdictions that have passed legislative moratoriums banning further wireless smart meter radiation."

"The public rebellion has been especially heated in California as residents flood utility call centers with demands to remove the broadcasting meters from their property. "

"The SmartMeter program has also raised concerns of privacy advocates who believe that the devices’ data collection capabilities violate constitutional privacy protections. There have been a growing number of reports linking the meters to instances of fires, explosions, and surges. On August 25th a power surge hit East Palo Alto and disabled hundreds of new smart meters leading to questions by major utility watchdogs about the safety of the ‘smart’ grid being rushed into place without adequate safety precautions or testing.  Utilities have rushed to dispose of solid state analog meters that often lasted eighty years or more without incident."

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