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Square beam - how to achieve it? (Read 6113 times)
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Re: Square beam - how to achieve it?
Reply #1 - Aug 21st, 2011 at 8:01pm
And don't forget this part....

"Please confirm - is it right or wrong?

Then why such companies as Ledil, Fraen and others do not manufacture lens of that kind? Is it just because square form is not popular and round shape is prefered?

I still do not understand how to get that kind of beam. It is written that people use aspheric lens. But what are the rules? Will ALL aspheric lens bring that result?

I have ordered some lens from DX for tests, but I'd like to know how should I choose lens for each kind of led, to bring me the best efficiency.

One more question. Will it work with leds that have large size of emitter?

For example THIS LED [no link was provided]

Its light emitting area is around 27 x 27 mm. Is it possible to gather at least 80% of lumens and throw them in a narrow beam (if the beam is square shape - would be great)?

I would accept ANY size of lens.

Thanks in advance!

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Square beam - how to achieve it?
Aug 21st, 2011 at 7:07pm

Hi, Everyone!

First time I saw pictures of square shape beam at this forum. Here are some samples:

Reflectored/Asperic SST-50 @ 7 amps. FS/FT

5 LED 1200 lumen module

I like that pictures very much. I guess that such beam pattern is a result of high efficiency of optics.

It means that almost 100% of lumens are thrown to the wall.
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