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Georgia is the latest to encourage slow speed [electric] transportation (Read 4419 times)
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Georgia is the latest to encourage slow speed [electric] transportation
Jul 7th, 2011 at 3:40am
This is the way to go for those short trips everyone takes, and make it no registration fee and no insurance required. What damage can you do at 25 mph anyway?

"Already many states allow low-speed vehicles (LSV) on roadways marked at 35 miles per hour or less. There are also golf-cart communities out there where the small gas or electric vehicles are used exclusively for in-town transportation.

The state of Georgia is the latest to encourage slow speed transportation thanks to a bill signed by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal. Known as Georgia Senate Bill 240, it creates a new class of motor vehicle called personal transportation vehicles (PTVs), which are built on "golf car-like" chassis.

The measure will allow PTVs that meet safety requirements to be driven on roads. That means residents of many communities will be able to shop, take their children to school and parks, and run other errands in their golf cars.

"This bill will allow Georgia families to stretch their transportation dollars and use green energy for miles of local driving. It also gives municipalities throughout the state a common framework for the safe and responsible use of PTVs," says Michael Alexander, Club Car's director of global business development. Club Car is the world's largest manufacturer of small-wheel, zero-emissions electric vehicles.

To qualify as a PTV, vehicles must have at least four wheels, weigh 1,375 pounds or less, have a top speed of 20 mph or less, and transport no more than eight people."

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