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Water tank filled by solar panels (Read 5240 times)
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Re: Water tank filled by solar panels
Reply #1 - Apr 1st, 2011 at 7:04pm
You need to search for "solar water pump" or words like that on ebay.

You want one that can pump high enough to reach the top of your tank so look for "head pressure" which is usually rated in feet. Like it can pump up to X number of feet.

You also want to match it to your solar panels on wattage draw, or maybe use a battery since it might not run all the time.

If you are pumping from a well then you need a solar well pump, they aren't cheap.

For the feed into your house you might want to put the tank high enough off the ground to give you some pressure in an emergency, and use a normal pressure pump with an inverter, or use a 12V RV pressure pump with a battery.

You might be able to make the whole system work all the time, using it daily, and then when the power goes out you are already set up!
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Water tank filled by solar panels
Mar 26th, 2011 at 4:22am
I am thinking about getting a emergncy wind power solar power water tank so I always have water when I need it. Hey everyone needs water and SHTF watcha gona do?

Whats a good pump? One for fill and one to get to the house maybe then how the bejimminies will it all do this on the existing system?
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