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The Grid Tie Effect and Wind Turbines (Read 5452 times)
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The Grid Tie Effect and Wind Turbines
Feb 15th, 2011 at 12:13am
One thing I noticed is the "Grid Tie Effect" when using a Power Jack 300W Grid Tie Inverter with a wind turbine.

If you hook the GTI up to a 24V battery, it will start to climb up to it's maximum output very slowly.

It takes about 20 to 30 seconds to reach maximum.

Wind generators will not put out constant power, they vary wildly, and that's a problem for standard - programmed for solar - GTIs.

It takes them too long to react to power fluctuations that wind generators create. While the GTI is "warming up", your turbine is spinning wildly, and if you have an electronic control with a dump load, it may switch over to the dump load to prevent over revving the turbine blades.

If it switches to the dump load, you are wasting perfectly good power, and the GTI now sees nothing coming in and drops back to the starting point of zero volts.

At some point the wind slows down and the dump load is disconnected, and the GTI starts to see that power and maybe it will start using it, you just don't know.

It all varies, and it's a difficult problem to solve. Purchasing a - made for wind - GTI may solve this problem, it all depends on how well they programmed the internal CPU.
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