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Message started by electron on Apr 25th, 2018 at 12:53am

Title: 18650 cell level fuses and why you should use them
Post by electron on Apr 25th, 2018 at 12:53am
You really should not use 18650 Li-Ions for solar systems and never put them inside your house.

Li-Ion 18650's are a flat pack battery rolled up very tight into a metal firecracker can, and do go into thermal overload easy.

The Leaf car batteries are a good example of a safer alternative. They lay fat and dissipate heat and are designed to easily outgas if overcharged or misused. The chemistry is designed for car use and better safety. Please consider them or something like them instead.


Actually, LTO is much safer but that's a up and coming technology:

People who have learned the hard way or just got lucky
Guy learns the hard way and after goes to cell level fuses:
"AveRage Joe" is probably happy he went to cell level fuses after one blows
OOPS! Guy is probably happy he had the fuses in there!
Even with cell level fuses, and we don't know if they were the right size wires because a lot of people don't pay attention to details, this guy had his VW Bus burn, see the battery at about 09:40, it's been said that 1/8W resistor leads are about right but the correct professionally made fuse wire is obviously a better choice and cheap.
"HBPowerwall" Learns later that some cell fuses blew and may have saved him, see his video description and comments "so far have blown on a dozen cells surely saving me from some sort of larger failure I think"

Ebike fires: (way too many, do a search)
Can't tell if it's cell level fuses or what that start the fires, but why take the chance?

You also want to have a main fuse too of course. Safety first.

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