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Message started by electron on Dec 6th, 2015 at 10:31pm

Title: SAMPLE LETTER To Legislators, Congress, PUCs, Governors, State Officials
Post by electron on Dec 6th, 2015 at 10:31pm
Feel Free to use this sample text to mail your Legislators, Congress Persons, Public Utility Commissions, Governors, State Attorney Generals, or other State Officials.

Pass it around, send it to other groups, edit it, add your 2 cents, have fun!

NOTE: Why State Attorney Generals? Some have the constitutional authority to change a utility's corporate charter. Your State PUC can for sure mandate them to do things.


Please use your constitutional and properly delegated authority to require [POWER COMPANY] to have a mandate of ENERGY MANAGEMENT. [POWER COMPANY] has been resisting change and the future of energy and it all leads to this:

They should be mandated to be Energy Managers, not only producers.

Although energy production has been their mandate since Edison's first power plant in the 1880's, it's now the FUTURE in 2016 and we need them to MANAGE the power from many sources.

This means also managing Solar and Wind Power by STORING IT. Do you now hear them complaining they have too much Solar from home rooftops?

They need to take that energy and MANAGE IT, not try to discourage it's production by basically FEE-ing everyone to death. Demand charges are crazy. Will people with Roof Solar be able to DEMAND more $$ during peak SUN hours for reducing the grid load on hot summer days? IE: No brownouts. What is fair? Should solar people be able to buy that power back for less at night? Sounds fair to me!

You can see the game that is going to be started here. The SOLUTION is for the Power Company to cooperate with the People's generated energy sources, encourage distributed energy generation and support it with new (or old) technologies. Make it easy for green energy to flourish!

There are many technologies to store power at the grid level. Some are new, some are old. A short list includes pumping water up hill at a hydro power dam, Flow Batteries, Compressed Air under water, or Flywheels.

A Flywheel system is easy, connect a motor generator to a large spinning hunk of metal and there you have it. Build a big enough building in a remote area and keep adding flywheels as needed. Ask hydro dam engineers about large spinning wheels and bearings, they know.

The technology is available now and the green financing charges are in place for them to construct some of this. You can even ask solar customers via incentives to store power for later delivery to the grid if timing is a problem.

The green financing charges on our power bill is evidence that people want to use power from green sources and the Power Company should MANAGE and distribute that power as efficiently as possible.

We don't need grid scale solar projects, we need need grid scale POWER STORAGE for the already supplied in large quantity distributed energy private People are producing (and doing so enough for the power company to complain about the competition).

This is your chance to do what is right for the People.

As my representative I DEMAND that you make these changes to the Power Company's mandate and basic structure as a Public Utility.

This is NOT a request, suggestion, or petition.


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